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July 15, 2004

Dahlia Speaks (about Supreme Court scuttlebutt)!

I am pleased as punch that Dahlia Lithwick — who at this fan site is astutuely described as "the rockingest Supreme Court columnist ever ever ever" — has waded in to the Blakely pool (or should I say quagmire) with this commentary cautiously titled "No-Good Lazy Justices: After the Supreme Court's sentencing case, the sky is falling. Hooray!"

Part of the reason I am giddy (and flattered) is because Ms. Lithwick references this blog in her piece, and even calls this blog "wonderful." But even more significant and important is the fact that her thoughtful piece fuels and enhances the important debate (noted here and here and in this Washington Post editorial) over when and how the Supreme Court should deal with Blakely issues.

More soon.

UPDATE: I have hastily drafted a "response" to Ms. Lithwick's piece in which I try to explain, in Slate terms, why Blakely is such a big case. I'll make that response available when it is fit for others.

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I am a defense attorney and just want to thank you for your excellent coverage of Blakely, its progeny, and the related developments. And thanks for uploading this article. I never would have found it without you. I sent off two petitions for cert to the U.S. Supreme Court this week based on Blakely and its progeny. I'm excited about the future!

Posted by: Jeremy Murphy | Jul 16, 2004 6:48:16 PM


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