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October 20, 2004

Spanning the sentencing blogsphere

Once again, there is a lot of interesting reading provided by fellow bloggers on a range of sentencing topics: Over at the ASC Blog, this extended post covers an array of important issues concerning the administration of capital punishment, and relatedly Ken Lammers has assembled a number of interesting links here concerning the application of the death penalty to juvenile offenders.

Meanwhile, Crime & Federalism is musing here about Proposition 66, the ballot initiative to amend California's Three Strikes Law. Those interested in the topic can also review my previous coverage of Prop. 66 here and here and here.

In addition, I was very pleased to see Jason Hernandez back on the Blakely beat today over at his Blakely Blog. In this post, Jason flags a complicated Blakely issue regarding consecutive sentences in New York, and the post highlights that concurrent/consecutive sentencing questions may be tying up courts for quite some time in the wake of Blakely.

Finally, from the sports desk, I just have to note that, whether my team wins or loses, few events are more exciting or historic than a Yanks-BoSox Game 7 in the House that Ruth Built.

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