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February 27, 2005

Sentencing around the blogsphere

Just a few moments on-line this morning has allowed me to see more than a few recent sentencing items on other blogs.  TalkLeft has two interesting posts on death penalty issues with this post on a Nevada bill to eliminate the death penalty for juveniles, and this post about an effort to raise the burden of proof in Illinois death penalty cases.  And Howard Bashman is back at How Appealing (huzzah!), and he has linked here a lot of the coverage of the Supreme Court's criminal justice decisions last week.

On the Booker front, I see here that the PRACDL is seeking to collect information from lawyers about each sentencing  hearing they attend "so as to give us all a better idea of how Judges are sentencing post-Booker."  And the Second Circuit Blog here has coverage of the Second Circuit's recent Williams decision (basics here).

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A Bob Dylan song:

The Times They Are A-Changin’

Come gather round lawyers
Wherever you roam
And admit now that Booker
Around you has grown
And accept it that soon
You must learn on your own
That your client’s life
Is worth savin’
Then you better start applyin'
or you'll sink like a stone...
for the times they are a changin'

Come judges and critics
Who rule all with a pen
And keep your eyes open
This chance won’t come again
Don’t judge them too soon
Guidelines are still in a spin
And there’s no tellin’ now
Who else it’s claimin
For the loser now
Will be later to win
For the times they are a changin’

Posted by: mary | Feb 27, 2005 1:53:25 PM

I know that this a little off the subject, but I am the wife of an inmate who is in need of the brief of Ameline v. US and I can not seem to find it.Can you please help me out? Your blog has been such a help to the two of us, I can't thank you enough.

Posted by: ann | Feb 27, 2005 3:44:06 PM

Ann, go to the heading under this website:

"Can the plain error mess be cleaned up?"

there is a link there for the brief, 9th circuit

Posted by: Shelly | Feb 28, 2005 2:55:57 PM

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