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April 3, 2005

Celebrity sentencing updates

There has been news of note the last few days concerning the sentences of some high-profile federal defendants:

  • As detailed in this AP story and this article from the Washington Post, federal prosecutors do not think much of Martha Stewart's request to have her sentence reduced now that she has received a Booker remand.  (I would be eager to see and share any papers filed in connection with this matters if anyone can send them my way.)

  • As detailed in this AP report, Sam Waksal, the biotechnology executive serving seven years for his role in the ImClone Systems stock scandal (which led to Martha Stewart's troubles), is seeking a reduced sentence on Booker grounds.  Because I believe Waksal's sentence is "final," he faces an uphill battle to now get help from Booker.  But, doctrines aside, White Collar Crime Prof Blog in this post asks some intriguing questions in connection with Waksal's efforts to have his sentence reduced.

  • As detailed in this article, former Connecticut Governor John Rowland began serving his year-and-a-day federal prison sentence on Friday.  White Collar Crime Prof Blog some important legal basics here.

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