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April 13, 2005

Lots of interesting sentencing items in the papers

An array of newspaper articles this morning covers an array of interesting and important sentencing topics:

  • This article from the New York Times reports on yesterday's vote by the New York State Assembly Codes Committee to defeat a bill to reinstate New York's death penalty.  The article spotlights the potential national significance of this development, and it also discusses some of the political issues I have recently spotlighted here and here.

  • Reporting on recent circuit Booker action, this article spotlights a high-profile Booker remand from the 8th Circuit, and this article discusses the 2d Circuit's decision in Guzman finding that Booker is not to be applied retroactively to cases on collateral review (previously discussed here).

  • Reporting on cooperation's role in federal sentencing, this article from New Jersey discusses a reduced sentence for one "productive informant," and this article from New Hampshire examines more broadly the sentencing impact of cooperation.

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