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May 11, 2005

A mid-week afternoon tour around the blogsphere

The Circuits seem, thankfully, a bit quiet today on the Booker front (although the Eighth Circuit today, yet again, issued a bunch of sentencing opinions).  But the blogsphere is keeping up with a number of interesting sentencing stories:

  • Gene Vorobyov at Appellate Law & Practice has this interesting first-hand report on the Ninth Circuit oral argument in Irons v. Carey, the case discussed here in which the panel has expressed concerns about the constitutionality of the AEDPA federal habeas statute.

  • Gideon at The Connecticut Law Blog reports and comments here on the 30-year sentence imposed today by US District Judge Ellen Burns in an anthrax scare case; this AP report on the decision does not indicate whether this sentence was within or above the applicable guidelines, but it does have other interesting facts about the case.

  • Kirby at The Connecticut Law Blog reports and comments here on the latest (crazy?) lawsuit filed in an effort to halt Michael Ross's execution; the claim is that "the Ross execution will cause a 'suicide contagion' to spread through the state's correctional system."

  • Jennifer Collins at PrawfsBlawg has this post on the anti-gang bill being considering in the House(recently discussed here), and Amos Anon at PrawfsBlawg has this post on Congress' reaction to Booker (recently discussed here); though neither post breaks significant new ground, they have both generated interesting and heated debates in the comments.

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