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May 11, 2005

A moonlit sentencing tour around the web and blogsphere

A number of sentencing-related items merit a late-night spotlight:

  • Tony Mauro at Legal Times has this interesting article discussing a Florida death row inmate's case that has Larry Tribe and Ken Starr both urging SCOTUS review.

  • Michael Ausbrook at INCourts details here the snoozer quality of the Indiana Supreme Court's disposition of a companion case to its big Blakely holding in Smylie (basics here, commentary here and here and here); Michael adds some commentary that is not sleep-inducing. 

  • Picking up on the recent AP analysis of Ohio's death penalty practices, Ken Lammers at CrimLaw has this terrific post detailing why claims of racial inequities in the application of the death penalty rarely have much political traction; as Ken puts it, the race argument "only works for the true believers [and] they're not the ones who need convincing."

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