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May 14, 2005

Intriguing federal sentencing stories

A number of judges schedule sentencings for Friday, and this perhaps explains why there are so many interesting reports of interesting federal cases in the papers this morning.  Notably, in all of the cases linked below, it appears the sentence imposed was within the guidelines or higher:

  • This story from New York reports on the one-year sentence imposed on a radio personally convicted of tax evasion after he bragged on Howard Stern's show that he hadn't filed taxes in recent years.

  • This story from Kansas City reports that a father, who has kidnapped his own kids and has refused to disclose their whereabouts, was sentenced to 10 years on a federal felon-in-possession charge (state kidnaping charges are still pending).

  • This story from Pittsburgh report on a post-Booker resentencing in which a sex offender received the same long sentence the second time around.

  • This story from Kentucky reports that a 64-year-old bank robber did not persuade his federal sentencing judge that his age and poor physical health should result in a reduced sentence.

  • This story from North Carolina report on a long sentence imposed on a participant in a massive marijuana smuggling operation.

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