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June 27, 2005

SCOTUS mania

Of course, SCOTUSblog and How Appealing are the go-to places for all the action today at the Supreme Court.   The remaining big opinions are being released this morning to close out the Term, though as detailed here the High Court cleared its criminal docket last week save for one habeas ruling.

Adding to the usual exciting is the anticipation of a possible retirement by one (or more) of the Justices.  Tom Goldstein is blogging like a Court opening is coming, and thus I suppose we should gear up for another hot summer.  In the arena of sentencing law and policy, I do not think we will ever match the excitement of last year's summer of Blakely.  Nevertheless, given the dynamic and ever-shifting sentencing jurisprudence that SCOTUS has created ever since its 5-4 Almendarez-Torres decision in 1998 (followed by Jones, Apprendi, Harris, Blakely and Booker, all of which were also 5-4), a new Justice certainly could, as I have previously discussed here, have a profound impact on the sentencing world.

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