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August 19, 2005

Debating sex offender sentencing

This post earlier this week on new sex offender proposals touched off an interesting blogosphere debate with Gideon at a Public Defender and with Tom at Confutatis Maledictis.  And now Ken at Crim Law has joined to discussion with this thoughtful post.

I think all these posts, and many comments on each of the blogs, do a fine job developing a range of competing issues as the sex offender panic rages on in the media and in statehouses.  (For another example, see this story about Kentucky's Lieutenant Governor urging consideration of castration.)  Indeed, it is a testament to both the blogosphere and the modern politics of crime that we are seeing far more thoughtful and nuanced discussion and debate of these sex offender issues from bloggers than from politicians.

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I honestly don't know much about the law when it comes to appealing for a clemency but i would like to learn more. My question and story to you is about my boyfriend of 2 and a half year. You see he is a "labled" as a sex offender. In 1997 he met a young girl(who was 15 yrs old)in a night club. This night club as most other are 18 and up. But being a girl she was able to get in without major checking of her age and identification. My boyfriend and her DID NOT have sex. The girl was white and he is black. Therefore the case was turned into a racial thing. She lied in the police report, but then recanted her story on the stan in court. The judge would have dropped the case but knew that the state could pick it up and run with it especially since they were of two different races, causing him to serve more time then the minimum of 3 years. Jermaine(my boyfriend) served the 3 years. Now almost 7 years later he is still living with this problem. He is unable to get a good job. He has a daughter that needs to be taken care of and with only one income it is extremely difficult to do. we are both struggling students. Actually with me being white and dating him my parents have disowned me and now I am unable to go to school. We are struggling so much but determined to not let this cause anymore problems. We have had to move 3 times just because we were either near a school or they found out about his background. This is so embarrassing for him to have to go through life at only 28 yrs old and constantly have people look at him like a monster when he is NOT!!! He is innocent and the fact that he has to be put in a catagory with other people who are really guilty of such horrific things is wrong. He now found that they changed his charge to something different AFTER the case was already closed. I need to know if you can help in any way possible. PLEASE give me a call so you can possibly speak with him and get the story from him, which may be a little more clear.
Thank you for your time,
Kristen davis
1408 SE 1st terr
Gainesville, FL

Posted by: kristen davis | Dec 12, 2005 3:08:39 PM

I understand exactly how you feel. I am fourteen yrs old and I can understand how your bf feels about getting blamed for something just become some skank wanted some attention. Don't feel to bad and discouraged because remember that there are people who got yo back. Also, (no offense) your parents are gay!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Alesabeta | Oct 4, 2006 9:57:09 PM

your story touches me, kristen.. my boyfriends in the same position. when he was 17 he was downloading porn from limewire.. and you know how limewire is. you dont see what youre downloading. you see a title and just download it. and okay it was stupid of him to be downloading porn from such an untrustworthy website, but at the time he was 17! 17 year olds arent that smart. so now he's 21 and he just got out of prison for being a "sex offender". he cant get a job or anything and he'll be on house arrest for another year and probabtion for another 15. he cant get a job or anything. and have you ever noticed they set you up to fail? i dont know what to do.. my life wont be easy for being with him. ill never be able to live in the city like id always wanted.. hes not allowed near schools or parks. i need to find out as well how he can find a job.. no one will hire him. any ideas?

Posted by: amanda | Sep 2, 2009 6:38:21 PM

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