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August 1, 2005

Interesting start to the work week around the blogsphere

A quick late-afternoon tour of blogs has led me to a large number of sentencing-related items that merit noting and linking:

  • White Collar Crim Prof Blog discusses the upcoming sentencings in high-profile white-collar cases involving Tyco defendants in state court and WorldCom defendants in federal court.

  • The Supreme Court Nomination Blog here discusses John Roberts DC Circuit opinion in one noteworthy federal sentencing case.  My own series of posts exploring how a Justice Roberts might impact the Supreme Court's criminal sentencing jurisprudence are all linked here.   

  • Grits for Breakfast thoughtfully examines at length here the challenges ex-offenders face finding employment.

  • TalkLeft in this post takes a quick look at the private prison industry.

  • Crim Prof Blog notes here an interesting new article on SSRN discussing Blakely and Crawford by Prof. Stephanos Bibas.

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