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September 25, 2005

The white-collar beat goes on

The sentencing last week of Dennis Kozlowski (details here) continues to generate buzz in the media, and other white-collar sentencings have the attention of the blogosphere: 

  • From New York, this newspaper article thoughtfully explores white-collar sentencing dynamics and appropriately links the new severity in white-collar cases to increased severity in drug cases.

  • From the White Collar Crime Prof Blog, this post reviews sentences handed out to HeathSouth executives, and this post details a 100-year sentence(!) imposed in a state fraud case from Colorado.

  • The media and the blogosphere meet in this NY Times item on the Kozlowski sentencing, which draws on posts from the White Collar Crime rof Blog and Prawfsblawg.

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The Colorado Lawyer has an interesting short article by Denver's District Attorney in its September issue on identity theft, which basically consists of a "brag list" of about a dozen individuals serving very long terms (more than a decade to nearly a century) for identity theft crimes. There is very little legal analysis, so apparently the intended target is to inform criminal defense attorneys about how serious their office is about the issue. The article is: Mitch Morrissey, "Identity Theft Prosecution a High Priority", p. 119, linked to here: http://www.cobar.org/tcl/tcl_vol.cfm?PubYear=2005&PubMonth=9. The brag list, which is a compilation of information in the public domain, so I don't feel improper in reprinting is as follows:

• Eric "EZ Money" James: 72 years
• Ronald "Hollywood" Johnson: 96 years
• David Rome: 16 years
• Michael Schrecongost: 14 years
• Edward Carr: 12 years
• Marion Jetton: 96 years
• Antonio Alexander: 39 years
• Michelle Milleson: 16 years
• Christopher Stephenson: 16 years
• Will Sawyer: 16 years
• Ann Fowble: 12 years
• Ralph Nunn: 48 years (Nunn broke into law offices and stole checks)

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