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October 14, 2005

Friday afternoon around the blogosphere

As we wind down another work week, a number of items have caught my eye around the blogosphere:

  • Talkleft has this post noting "a ruling last week by the European Court of Human Rights overturning a British law that prohibits prison inmates from voting."  The post points to this New York Times editorial which itself notes that "the United States ... shows less regard for the rights of prisoners and ex-offenders than just about any of its peers."

  • Appellate Law & Practice continues with this post to follow effectively the jury pool wrangling taking place in a death penalty case in the first circuit.  This ABA Journal e-report article provides useful background and insight on the brouhaha.

  • The latest takes on Harriet Miers is that she is not in the mold of Justices Scalia and Thomas, but rather in the mold of Justice Lewis Powell (according to Stephen Bainbridge) or in the mold of Justice Potter Stewart (according to Orin Kerr and Hugh Hewitt).  Of course, these observations lead me to ponder what a modern-day Powell or Stewart might think about Blakely and Booker.

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