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October 11, 2005

Still more Booker GVRs and cert denieds

In a replay from last week, this morning's order list from the Supreme Court includes a handful of Booker-inspired GVRs (I count five), as well as a long list of cert denieds.  I believe there are many Booker-related cases in the cert denied list, and I also saw that the High Court denied cert in the Abeyta case from California which addressed that state's (mis)application of Blakely.  Today's SCOTUS confirms my nagging suspicion that, despite my the real need for the Supreme Court to take up Blakely and Booker questions (as suggested in posts here and here), the Court will continue to dodge Blakely and Booker issues in the near future.

UPDATE: This AP report details a notable capital case on today's cert denied list: "The Supreme Court refused Tuesday to take up the case of California death row inmate Stanley "Tookie" Williams, a founder of the Crips street gang whose later work for peace won him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination."

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