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January 5, 2006

Clemency and pardon news and notes

Even though the holiday rush of clemency and pardon activity has passed (details here and here), the papers are still full of lots of interesting clemency and pardon items:

  • This potent editorial from the Washington Post assails President Bush's "dismal" pardon work power.  Inspired by the President's uninspiring pardon record (discussed here and here), the Post editorial make a beautiful case for the exercise of this unique executive power: "The pardon power was imagined as a lively check on the criminal justice system, a way for simple justice to prevail over all of the legalisms and procedures of the courts.... Continuous neglect of a legitimate power is itself a form of abuse."

  • This AP story reports that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has now said "he would not hold a clemency hearing for Clarence Allen, who is scheduled to be executed Jan. 17."   As detailed in prior posts here and here, Allen has cited his old age and severe illness in seeking clemency.

  • This press release details the case for clemency being made to out-going Virgina Governor Mark Warner which cites exonerating evidence in the case of four former Navy men convicted of rape.  This Washington Post editorial also talks up the case for clemency.

  • This AP article details that the latest trend on Ohio's death row is for defendants to refuse to ask the governor for clemency.

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