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January 11, 2006

Death and innocence before SCOTUS

As first previewed here, on Wednesday morning the Supreme Court will hear argument in House v. Bell, another capital case raising innocence-related issues.  A very knowledgeable colleague has called House "a hugely important case, the 'sleeper' of this Term perhaps. "  The new Habeas Corpus Review blog has this post with a simple summary of the case, and the Christian Science Monitor has this article about House v. Bell and broader innocence issues.  Relatedly, PrawfsBlawg has an interesting recent post on "Developments in Innocence."

Notably, it appears that there was no significant discussion of the death penalty during the Q & A with Judge Alito at his confirmation hearings on Tuesday.  I predict that Senators Feingold and Leahy, who brought up the death penalty in the second day of CJ Roberts' confirmation hearings (details here), might bring up capital issues up during Wednesday's second round of questioning.  And, if past is prologue, we should expect innocence-related issues to be a focal point of at least some of the death penalty dialogue.  Of course, as I have explained here and in my prior coverage of Alito on sentencing issues, there are many non-capital sentencing issues that merit attention in the SCOTUS conversations.

UPDATE: SCOTUSblog has this extended post about House v. Bell, which includes links to the parties' breifs.

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