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February 17, 2006

Starr, the Morales case, and Mobius Strips

In this post, I have the highlights and recent media coverage of Ken Starr's dramatic place in the Morales capital case in California, including the text of an interesting e-mail that Starr sent around to fellow law deans yesterday about the case.   And now, thanks to eagle-eyed Howard Bashman, I see that this Sacramento Bee article seems to reference that post:

A law professor's Thursday blog included an e-mail message attributed to Starr, now the dean of Pepperdine's law school, to fellow law school deans.  The e-mail said Morales' case for clemency remained "compelling." Attached was [co-counsel] Senior's letter to Schwarzenegger.

Of course, in order to reinforce the Mobius Strip quality of the blogosphere, I had to do this new post to mention this oblique MSM mention of my prior post.  Now if only someone in the MSM will do a story about this post commenting on the MSM's reference to the prior post....

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