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April 24, 2006

Two significant Blakely rulings from Colorado

Thanks to a helpful reader tip, I learned that today the Colorado Supreme Court issued two significant Blakely ruling dealing with (1) the prior conviction exception, and (2) proper Blakely admissions. Here are the basics:

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Reading Isaacks brings to mind the problems associated with Parole denials. So often uncharged and unconvicted allegations contained in Presentence Reports become the basis for the denial of an inmate's parole. Does Blakely and other cases bring into constitutionality the denial of parole based upon those unproven allegations? Does this then give the courts the power to order the granting of parole where such a denial has taken place? Is this a new can of worms unforseen by SCOTUS? I am a consultant for the Aleph Institute in Florida.

Posted by: Mark | Apr 27, 2006 7:38:48 AM

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