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July 30, 2006

Strong coverage of law blogging

Thanks to this link from the Northwestern School of Law, everyone can access a strong new article on law blogging appearing The Chicago Lawyer.  Titled "Law-Related Blogging Starting To See a Coming of Age," the article covers a lot of ground that should be of interest to many in the legal blogosphere.  Here's a taste:

Lawyers who blog say the medium can offer several benefits in the practice and business of law.  Many of them describe blogging as a mode of communication unlike any other, a 21st century style of networking....

Since lawyers read, write, analyze, and argue for a living, their leap into the blogosphere seems only natural.  "A lot of them love writing and have a personality where they love to be heard. Lawyers are naturally going to be prolific in this area," said Dennis Crouch, of counsel at McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff.

Crouch has reaped tangible benefits from his place in the blogosphere, which has helped jump-start his career.  He attributes his newly acquired position at Boston University School of Law -- where he will teach patent law and computer law -- largely to the popularity of his own patent law blog, Patently-O.  "It turned out that several professors at Boston University read this on a regular basis. They were very excited about having me come and be a part of the faculty.  It was very magical," Crouch said.

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