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August 3, 2006

A quirky tour around the blogosphere (with comments)

Lots of interesting reading around the blogosphere this afternoon, especially at places beyond my usual hangouts:

  • Sasha Volokh here is asking for input on these questions: "(1) Do prison guards unions [lobby for tougher criminal laws] in places other than California? (2) Are prison systems themselves, perhaps Departments of Corrections, also active in lobbying for tougher criminal law or enforcement, either openly or behind the scenes?"  The comments also make for interesting (though sometimes off-topic) reading.
  • Law Dork here has captured a screen shot of my favorite opinion of the week.  Again, the comments are also worth checking out.
  • Spencer Overton posting here at MyDD has a fascinating post on felon disenfranchisement.  Yet again, the comments are an interesting part of the story.
  • Finally, Ian at 3L Epiphany reports here that he is back from the Ohio Bar netherworld, and reports here on four new judicial opinions citing blogs.  Sadly, no comments on either post as of this writing.

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I would be interested to know the best source to find out how much dual prosecution takes place, and over how long a time. To meet Douglas Berman's request, I identify myself below.

I have, for many years, been observing and keeping notes on "the politics of prosecution," and took particular note of Attorney General Griffin Bell's reliance on dual prosecution policies, when President Carter had a strong incentive to want DOJ involvement in the Rodgriguez case 30 years ago.

That brought me back to search today for information on dual prosecution, which led me to "Memorandum and Order Requesting Briefing on Dual Prosecution Issue," US v. John Handy (Crim. Docket No. 04-10361-NG), US Dist. Ct., 3rd Dist., MA .Aug 1l 2006.

Matthew Holden, Jr.
Henry L. and Grace M. Doherty Professor Emeritus of Politics,
University of Virginia
P. O. Box 12588
Jackson, MS 39236-2588

Posted by: Matthew Holden, Jr. | Jun 4, 2007 5:51:55 PM

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