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September 15, 2006

Death penalty coming and going and staying

There is never a shortage of discussion on whether the death penalty should be coming or going.  In Wisconsin, as detailed here, this November brings a voter referendum asking whether the state should bring back the death penalty.  In New Jersey, as detailed here, this week's hearing by the state's Death Penalty Study Commission has led some to urge the formal abolition of the ultimate punishment.

Meanwhile, as detailed in this AP report, Fourth Circuit Judge William Wilkins gave a speech yesterday in which he suggested the death penalty will always be a part of our legal system.  Here is a snippet from the article:

"I think the death penalty will be around for a long time," Wilkins said.  "But I think you're going to see escalating costs."  Those opposing the death penalty argue the money can be better spent elsewhere, he said.  "It costs a lot of money for the federal and the state governments to prosecute somebody for the death penalty," Wilkins said. In Florida, such cases average about $22 million, he said.

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