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October 24, 2006

More Skilling reactions and a query

Those interested in more post-game analysis of the Skilling sentence should be sure to check out Tom Kirkendall's analysis here and also the Houston Chronicle's cool extended podcast with expert commentary from an assortment of thoughtful experts.

The Houston Chronicle's podcast is really intriguing from start to finish, and it begins with lots of praise for Skilling's lawyers for keeping his sentence from being even higher than 24+ years.  I would like to hear from readers whether they agree with this assessment.

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Disagree. Loss was ultimately the dispositive factor in the inevitability that was Skilling's 20+ year sentence. The prudence of the loss stipulation can be debated, although the point was arguably moot from the moment of Enron's collapse given the publicly stated aggregate loss at issue and Skilling's, at the very least (and perhaps most?), imputed culpability as the CEO and face of the company. In the end, this was one case, or sentencing, where the lawyers can't choose their facts, or Guidelines for that matter.

Posted by: SPD | Oct 24, 2006 9:24:34 PM

Does anyone know if Skilling has asked (or will) for bond pending appeal?

Posted by: Paul Kurtz, Executive Director, Federal Inmate Advocates | Oct 25, 2006 7:12:58 AM

Skilling asked for bond pending appeal, and that was denied by Judge Lake. I assume that decision could (and will?) be appealed to the Fifth Circuit.

Posted by: Doug B. | Oct 25, 2006 10:07:40 AM

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