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October 19, 2006

Would you rather be in Philadelphia...?

Yankton As well-covered here by How Appealing, a new federal anti-crime advertisement (pictured here) is raising a stir in South Dakota.  Here are highlights from this South Dakota newspaper article about the brouhaha:

If prison isn't enough of a deterrent, officials in eastern Missouri hope a desolate portrayal of Yankton will dissuade potential criminals.  "Nobody you know has a clue where it is. There's no airport, no bus station, no Amtrak," a Project Safe Neighborhood poster claims of the community.

That the Justice Department, which paid for the advertisement, is trashing Yankton for a good cause — "commit a gun crime and we won't just send you to prison," the ad promises, "we'll send you to Yankton" — doesn't sit well with Sen. Tim Johnson, who fired off a letter to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales telling him there ought to be a better use of federal tax dollars.

"Violent gun crime is a serious problem that needs to be addressed but not at the expense of a community like Yankton and not by using federal dollars to disparage such a thriving, historic community," Johnson said.  He wrote Gonzales, "These public service announcements, which have run in the Eastern District of Missouri describing Yankton as '600 miles away from nowhere,' are inaccurate and an inappropriate expenditure of federal funds."

I wonder what W.C. Fields might say about this intriguing flap over anti-cime messages.

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If you read the article, "new" ad isn't quite right. Apparently, this ad is from 2004 and is not currently running (though available on PSN's website).

Posted by: chris | Oct 19, 2006 11:35:10 AM

And by "the article" i mean this article from how appealing: http://www.yankton.net/stories/100506/community_273100506.shtml

Posted by: chris | Oct 19, 2006 11:37:11 AM

When "Project Exile" started in Richmond, Virginia, the idea was that by earning a federal conviction on a gun charge, the prisoner would be in BOP and be required to serve their sentence farther from home. The reality was that many prisoners would serve sentences farther from home in Virginia's state prisons than in the prison assignment's made by the BOP. The rhetoric put out by advocates of project exile and the other federal/state gun control initiatives ignores the fact that the BOP makes the designation.

Posted by: | Oct 19, 2006 2:05:40 PM

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