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November 7, 2006

The blogosphere on shame and banishment

The blogosphere can often adding interesting insights to debates over alternatives to incarceration, and here are some recent examples:

  • Corrections Sentencing, which always has so much good reading, has this great post entitled "How Not to Shame."  The post discusses a recent case in which a defendant was ordered to wear a t-shirt saying "I am a registered sex offender," and astutely argues "that we need more than a simple 'it's good/it's bad' debate over shaming."
  • Meanwhile, this post at Marginal Revolution and this follow-up at The Volokh Conspiracy have some interesting thoughts (and interesting comments by readers) about banishment as a punishment.

UPDATE: Corey Yung at the blog Sex Crimes has this thoughtful extended entry on banishment punishments in the US.

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