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December 20, 2006

So much lethal injection buzzing

Thanks in part to Maryland now also jumping into the lethal injection mess (as first noted here), there is media buzz all over about lethal injection protocols.  As he does so well, Howard Bashman has collected a lot of the newspaper coverage about lethal injection developments in Maryland and in California

Also, last night the PBS NewsHour had a debate on lethal injection, and the transcript of the program can be found here.  Meanwhile, Jurist has collected a lot of the latest news and links here, and DPIC provides a "closer look" at the California developments here

For some quick reflections on what this all means, Andrew Cohen at the Washington Post has this commentary on all the happenings.  And, of course, lots of blogs are buzzing about lethal inejction, too.

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Doug, it seems your plea for legislative action has been met with executive action (ND, FL, CA). Are you satisfied that the branch charged with executions will figure out how to perform them properly?

Posted by: txjeansguy | Dec 20, 2006 2:41:58 PM

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