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January 29, 2007

Notable new sex and death websites

Two notable websites on two hot issues have recently come to my attention:

  • Sex Offender Issues is an interesting new blog that has this express mission: "While it is imperative that society and families avoid the denial and disbelief of the past in order to protect our children, it is likewise our task, as Christians and all people of faith, to protect these marked members of our society from becoming targets of violence and harassment or of legislation that would arbitrarily remove their civil rights in society once they have completed their sentences."
  • Fair Trial Initiative is an organization funding various efforts in order to ensure that all capital defendants have "the assistance of a caring and competent defense team" and have "access to the resources necessary to investigate the case and the background of the accused."  As detailed here, FTI has a fellowship open to third-year students interested in doing capital defense work.

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Teasing headlines? Big red letters? Have we got an end of the month traffic quota to meet or something?

Posted by: ohwilleke | Jan 29, 2007 4:00:24 PM

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