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April 27, 2007

In KC with lots happening and perhaps coming crack guideline news!?!?

I am in Kansas City for a CLE presentation this afternoon, but have access to a computer just long enough to report that I do not have enough time to report all the stuff going on today.  Helpfully, How Appealing has great coverage of lots and lots of stuff that should be of interesting to sentencing (and blogging) fans, and Ohio Death Penalty Information and StandDown Texas Project have lots of new death penalty items.

But the biggest brewing news for federal sentencing fans comes from the US Sentencing Commission, which has just noticed this meeting for 7pm tonight (!).  On the agenda for the USSC version of Friday Night Lights is this tantalizing item: "Possible Votes to Promulgate and/or Publish Proposed Amendments on Federal Cocaine Sentencing."

I hope to be able to report on what comes from this meeting ASAP, and I am already giddy with anticipation about what the USSC might do on the crack front (and what the post-Booker implications might be for every branch of the federal government).  Also, as noted here, I have been hearing buzz about lots of other positive amendments in the works from the USSC, too.  So, though I will be off-line most of today, I expect the USSC could deliver news that will ensure I will be making up for lost time tonight and over the weekend. 

While I am away, anyone want to start speculating on exactly what the USSC might be doing on the crack guidelines?

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Could it be that the Sentencing Commission is going to allow more discretion or lower the crack guidelines? This would address one of the most contentious guideline issues of all.

My plan for the evening is to do nothing but sit in front of my computer and wait to see what happens.

And could the strange timing relate somehow to Claiborne?

Posted by: Osler | Apr 27, 2007 2:34:09 PM

I am a paralegal. I have been advised by several federal prisoners that the BOP has been having "town meetings" and advising the prisoners that there is an amendment coming on crack guidelines.

Posted by: Dennis Deters | Apr 27, 2007 4:51:52 PM

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