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May 11, 2007

Great post on legal media and blogging

A fellow named Simon, at the blog Stubborn Facts (which has a great Twain motto), has this extraordinary post (with pictures and 41 endnotes) providing comprehensive coverage of traditional/new media panels at the Seventh Circuit's recent judicial conference.  Simon's long post both reports and comments on the legal media and legal bloggers in thoughtful ways; his great work justifies the time needed for a full read (including all the endnotes). 

Disclaimer: My assessment may be a bit biased because Simon repeatedly quotes my law blogging article and also references one of my favorite recent posts.

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Doug, I'm left speechless by this write-up. "Thanks" just doesn't seem to cut it. :) I'm glad the post's of use for folks who couldn't make it out to Milwaukee, and subsequent (if much shorter) posts covering the afternoon's panels should appear over the course of the next week. :)

Posted by: Simon Dodd | May 11, 2007 3:53:47 PM

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