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August 17, 2007

A late afternoon Vick update (with federal guideline musings)

The latest news on Michael Vick's plea scramble can be found from CNN and the New York Times.  As both stories note, two of Vick's co-defendants pleaded guilty today and they have indicated that "the NFL star helped execute dogs that didn't fight well" and that "the money behind the Bad Newz Kennels dogfighting operation, based on property Vick owns in Virginia, came 'almost exclusively' from the Atlanta Falcons star."

These additional details suggest that Vick's plea negotiations may be focused on some bad newz sentencing guidelines, which would call for a sentence enhancement based on Vick's apparent leadership role in criminal activity under USSG section 3B1.1.  (I also wonder if anyone has every tried to apply Chapter 3 victim-based enhancements for vulnerability or restraint to non-human victims.)  I would bet that defense lawyers are helping Vick see that he now could be facing a quite long sentence if he does not take a plea, but prosecutors may now already looking for a significant prison term even with a plea.

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The very idea of "federal dogfighting charges" is laughable. I can only imagine what the founding Federalists would have thought about the federal government prosecuting dogfighting. Counterfeiting, treason, espionage, piracy on the high seas, and perjury are the only federal crimes necessary. Dogfighting isn't even in the top 100,000 offenses with a plausible basis for federal jurisdiction. God damn the commerce clause.

Posted by: bruce | Aug 17, 2007 6:26:06 PM

Criminals are always liars and thugs... unless helping the prosecution.

But that is precisely when they have the most motive to lie.

Are they telling the truth? Who knows, but it's interesting. If these guys were testifying for the defense, the prosecution would tear them apart with how unreliable they are.

Law is a funny thing.

Posted by: George | Aug 17, 2007 9:21:05 PM

Aren't all animals god creatures? how is dog fighting any differn't from hunting and killing deer's? Better yet chicken fighting? Two races gained money from that. Just curious.n/a with any of the above student e.c.t.

p.s. I donot codone what he did at all
just had to ask question.

Posted by: confused | Aug 19, 2007 11:24:04 AM

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