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August 15, 2007

Around the blogosphere

Lots and lots of good news stuff on sentencing matters to be found at:

Also, Ann Althouse has this really strong post about media biases in reporting about the death penalty.

And Jeralyn has a great post here looking at various criminal justice positions of Barak Obama and other leading Dems.  The article referenced in Jeralyn's post merits its own treatment in a separate post.

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It's so funny how liberal activists always seem to be disappointed by Dems and their stances on crime. Now, for whatever reason, many Dems seem to have softness on crime encoded into their DNA. However, they are usually not stupid enough to take highly publicized positions to reduce criminal penalties or to restrict the death penalty (see, e.g., Gov. Strickland of Ohio). Barack Obama is just another example. Any twit (i.e., Obama) who's dumb enough to call the justice system the "Just-us" system, in his heart of hearts, is a criminal coddler and is overly suspicious of a system that endeavors to keep us all safe. So Barack Obama won't have any trouble with criminal coddling rulings from the bench or appointing left-wing criminal coddlers to the federal bench, but there is no way in hell that Obama is going to risk his presidential hopes (slim as they are) on a bunch of criminals. We all saw what happened (and rightfully so) to Mike Dukakis over furloughs. No Dem in his right mind will risk that again. This is why Dems are going to roll on this nonsensical sanctuary policy that has allowed criminal aliens to remain in the US. When the issue wasn't that big of a deal, then Dems acted true to form (i.e., siding with criminal aliens over the rights of society), but do you think any Dem is going to seriously fight for sanctuary, given recent news. Doubtful.

Posted by: federalist | Aug 15, 2007 8:53:23 PM

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