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October 12, 2007

When and how will SCOTUS address residency restrictions?

There is lots of news around the blogosphere about sex offender residency restrictions:

All these developments confirm my instinct that it is only a matter of time before the US Supreme Court is going to have to take up legal challenges to sex offender residency restrictions.  It is interesting to speculate exactly when and how these issues will come before the High Court.

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It appears that the goverment does not want to
enforce the law because it is too expensive,and do not want to serve the will of the people.
I think you are going to have a political
upheaval over this issue. I can't believe that there are no places to live that are not within 2000 feet of a school or park etc.
I am a concerned property owner. I rent apartments and am concerned about our community which only one block to the beach being
invaded by Sex offenders, and nobody will want to live there. That will mean that property value will depreciate and various cities don't need ti lose more property taxes. More people will leave the State and the State of California will be left with a much lower tax base.
I have had several potential renters call me, but when they checked Magens list they didn't want to live a block a way from a building that housed over 12 sex offenders. This building just sold and I guess because of this judges ruling that if the sex offender was peroled prior to 11 2006.
That Jessicas law does not apply to them.
We are now going through the subprime fraud
mess, the credit card, commerical R.E. mess the unwinding of the carrytrade and now the state and federal governments want to ruin all real
estate. A lot of this mess IMHO is caused by the repeal of the Glass siegal act that was put into law in 1933, and repealed in 1999.

Posted by: H. Busch | Jan 18, 2008 8:38:39 AM

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