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November 13, 2007

Super Tuesday: Lawyers, guns and methods

I trust that the late great Warren Zevon would not have minded my cribbing of his great homage to the Cold War to describe a big legal day after a long weekend.  Specifically:

1.  As detailed here, a lot of lawyers (and others) will be talking with the US Sentencing Commission all day about whether and how it should make its new crack guidelines retroactive. (More from this archive of my crack coverage.)

2.  As discussed here by Linda Greenhouse, we may hear from the Supreme Court this morning whether they plan to take up Heller, the Second Amendment gun case from DC.  (More from SCOTUSwiki.)

3.  As noted here at SCOTUSblog, the Supreme Court may also decide today on a stay in the lethal injection case from Florida.  Also, as mentioned here, some amici will be filing briefs in support of the defendant in the Baze case and likely will be advocating revised methods of executions.

So, I will be humming my favorite Zevon songs all day, while trying to avoid reacting like Zevon's Excitable Boy.

UPDATE:  AS reported here at SCOTUSblog, today brough no action on the Heller gun case.  Also, a quick scan of today's Order List suggests there were a lot of cert denieds in criminal case.

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Professor: A little bird told me last week that we *might* see Gall or Kimbrough today.

I guess that's too much to hope for.

Posted by: dweedle | Nov 13, 2007 9:29:56 AM

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