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May 16, 2008

Latest FSR issue focused on white-collar sentencing

I am pleased to report that, just in time for the start of the summer sentencing season, the latest issue of the Federal Sentencing Reporter focused on white-collar cases is now in print and also available here on-line.  The issue is titled, simply enough, "White-Collar Sentencing."

FSR's publisher has kindly made the issue's terrific opening commentary by Mark Harris and Anna Kaminska, which is entitled "Defending the White-Collar Case at Sentencing," available for download for free here.  The full contents of this latest FSR issue are listed below and can be ordered on-line here.)


  • Mark D. Harris & Anna G. Kaminska, Defending the White-Collar Case at Sentencing


  • Harry Sandick, Gall and Kimbrough and Their Relevance to Sentencing in White-Collar Cases
  • Frank O. Bowman III, Sentencing High-Loss Corporate Insider Frauds After Booker
  • Gabrielle S. Friedman, Kan M. Nawaday & Daniel M. Gitner, Challenging the Guidelines’ Loss Table
  • Hector Gonzalez, Matthew D. Ingber & Scott A. Chesin, Is Booker a “Loss” for White-Collar Defendants?
  • Peter J. Henning, Prior Good Works in the Age of Reasonableness
  • Alexandra A.E. Shapiro & Nathan H. Seltzer, Measuring “Gain” Under the Insider Trading Sentencing Guideline Based on Culpability for the Deception
  • Cheryl A. Krause & Luke A.E. Pazicky, An Un-Standard Condition: Restricting Internet Use as a Condition of Supervised Release
  • Emily Barker, Brian Baxter, Alison Frankel & Nate Raymond, Progress Report: How the Justice Department’s Highest-Profile Corporate Fraud Cases Turned Out (reprinted from The American Lawyer)


  • U.S. Sentencing Commission, 2007 Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics Tables
  • Sentencing Memorandum in United States v. Thomas Coughlin, No. 06-20005 (W.D. Ark. Feb. 1, 2008)

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