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July 15, 2008

Notable new commentaries on law and justice

I may be off-line most of the day, but readers can reflect on these two new intriguing commentaries from law.com while I am away:

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Two great articles.

I have to agree with Kyron Huigens' point. Too often the media clumps everything under politics instead in its rightful arena. The media asks attorneys and politicians to discuss whether rising taxes is good or bad for the economy instead of asking economists. Anyhow...Kyron's point regarding scholars thought process being very different from lay people, politicians--even practicing attorneys--is well taken. Good scholars neither love nor hate but discuss the pros and cons of issues.

On the article regarding prosecutorial misconduct...it's time to start sanctioning overzealous prosecutors with incarceration instead of just looking the other way or letting the bar handle the matter. It's one thing to have prosecutors solicit prostitutes and getting away with it and completely another thing to falsely accuse a person when such action can result in the loss of liberty for the wrongfully accused.

Posted by: Angelina | Jul 15, 2008 2:26:57 PM

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