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March 12, 2009

Three years in prison for Iraqi journalist who threw shoe at President Bush

This Washington Post article discusses the recent sentencing in Baghdad for the Iraqi journalist who committed a notable crime that everyone got to see thanks to modern video:

A Baghdad judge ruled Thursday that an Iraqi journalist who hurled his shoes at former President George W. Bush was guilty of assaulting a foreign leader and sentenced him to three years in prison, a verdict that unleashed tumult in the courtroom. "Long live Iraq!" shouted the television journalist, Muntadar al-Zaidi, as the sentence was handed down....

Zaidi became a folk hero of sorts in the Arab world after hurling both shoes at Bush, with considerable speed and accuracy, during a news conference Dec. 14. Bush, a nimble athlete with great reflexes, successfully ducked....

Zaidi faced up to 15 years in prison, but his lawyers said the judges decided to show leniency because of his age and lack of prior convictions....

Prosecutors had said his confession warranted his conviction, but both Zaidi and his family maintained that he had been beaten and suffered electrical shocks in detention. Zaidi's lawyers argued that he was only expressing himself, without criminal intentions.

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