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May 22, 2009

USA Patrick Fitzgerald urges business leaders to hire felons

A helpful reader sent me this notable item from the Chicago papers, which is headlined " Fitzgerald: Fight crime by hiring felons: U.S. attorney says business could help cut murder rate, hire teens as interns."  Here are excerpts:

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald stood before a room packed with business officials Thursday and asked them to do something they probably have never considered: Hire felons.

Not exactly the kind of request you'd expect from the area's top federal law enforcement official, who's better known for locking up criminals. But Fitzgerald told the audience that while law enforcement targets the worst of the worst, the community needs to get more involved -- especially the business community -- to help drive down murder numbers and keep kids out of gangs.

Fitzgerald, speaking at a City Club of Chicago luncheon, said on any given day there are 4,000 Chicago Police officers on the streets and an estimated 70,000 to 100,000 gang-bangers in the city. "How in the world can we incarcerate our way out of the problem when we are outnumbered that much?" Fitzgerald said.

Part of the answer, he said, lies with corporations, who can help sponsor after-school programs or enlist teenagers from the projects to be summer interns -- or even hire felons. He urged business officials to reach out and invest in some of the most economically depressed areas of the city, such as Englewood, Back of the Yards or North Lawndale. They can do that, Fitzgerald said, by getting involved in Project Safe Neighborhoods, a program run through the U.S. attorney's office in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies....

Fitzgerald said research has shown that parolees who have attended a one-hour forum held by Project Safe Neighborhoods are 30 percent less likely to return to jail. The forum gives parolees job options and warns them that they'll be thrown back in prison if they cross the line.

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This insufferable cult criminal should hire them in his office, and to work at his home. Perhaps, he needs a babysitter.

I would love to get prosecuted by a federal attorney. I want to work out the legal paths to destroying the lives of these sickening internal traitors. It would start with total e-discovery on the cult criminal lover. The foul cult criminal on the bench gets some after the first adverse ruling. The counter-suits then fly. Even if totally frivolous, being unsupported by fact or law, it still costs the government $1 million to end them. Defund these vile rent seeking internal traitors.

These methods would then become the standard of professional due care for all defense attorneys. Instead of palling around with the mortal enemy of the innocent defendant, I bet the government lawyer would not be a good sport after losing everything.

These are the dunces that fail to protect the public from illegal alien gangs that behead people that disrespected them, and pursue celebrities on $100 beefs to get their names in the paper.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | May 22, 2009 8:53:46 PM

I once offered to carry out this plan to an employer, at my own expense. I could even get my own standing. I could concoct claims for injunctive relief into the vile cult criminal's retirement and death. I would file ethics complaints every month into eternity. For low five figures, I could generate millions in defense costs, to defund the office of this vile cult criminal, and to bring it to a standstill. I would try to name the staff in a countersuit, so that they would all quit, and could not be replaced.

My employer declined, seeking the path of least resistance. They got a plea offer for 20 cents on the dollar, and a compliance program. Five years later, the compliance program cost far exceeded the full penalty, had they totally lost at trial. There is an atmosphere of snitching, a paranoia about paper work. The cost of the change in the place thanks to the vile cult criminal is likely even costlier than the compliance program.

It is almost a duty of the patriotic productive entity. Seek the personal destruction of the mortal enemy of the innocent defendant. Make it unbearable to be them, as they make it unbearable to be any productive party. If they commit suicide, so much the better. These are the people that have to be arrested for treason, given a brief fair trail, and immediately executed in the courthouse basement. Feed their bodies to the pigs. Come the next terror attack, these rent seeking cult criminals must be hunted down, and made to pay for their treason.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | May 22, 2009 10:47:45 PM

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