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August 25, 2009

Are the crooked Pennsylvania juve judges really going to go to trial?

As detailed this post and this post, a federal judge recently rejected the plea deal secured by two former Pennsylvania county judges who had pleaded guilty to a kickback scheme involving sending juveniles to private detention facilities.  Now, as reported in this new local story, these "judges charged in the 'kids for cash' corruption scandal withdrew their guilty pleas yesterday after a federal judge ruled they had failed to accept responsibility for their actions."  The local story goes on to assert that "the decision by disgraced Luzerne County Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan paves the way for a trial on charges that they took $2.6 million in kickbacks to place youth offenders in privately owned detention centers." 

But I cannot help but wonder if these crooked judges — need I now say "alleged" crooked judges? — are really going to contest their corruption charges at trial.  My instinct is that the original pleas have been formally withdrawn primarily to enable the defendants to go back to square one with prosecutors so that they can develop a new deal that the federal judge would be willing to accept.  But, maybe there are still other parts to this story that might better account for what's really going on in this ugly case.

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Scott Co., Iowa case LACE 112272, is frivolous and defective on its face as it fails to specify a time period. It falsely alleges that in "2003" (which goes beyond the Iowa Civil Statutes of Limitations, rendering the Court without subject matter jurisdiction, etc...) my wife caused something to be done (lie lie lie). This liar put up a fence, contrary to ordinance, & falsely claims it was "long existing" (we have picture to prove otherwise) and that our normal rain water run off is going to cause a fence post to weaken that will cause said fence to collapse. The crooked judges refuse to hear anything my wife has to say or rule on any of her pro-se motions. They are denying her the right to be heard & telling her to "get a lawyer" (extortion?) The plaintiff had earlier vandalized our property & assaulted me. I called 911 and have a police report. He cut our downspout off our house with a hacksaw. What is wrong with the Corny Iowa legal system ? These crooks are corny under color of law.

Posted by: ken tennant | Aug 26, 2009 10:17:23 PM

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