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August 21, 2009

Attacking Dershowitz attack on Scalia's "Catholic Betrayal"

As noted in this post, Alan Dershowitz in a commentary decided, in reponse to this week's Supreme Court Davis decision concerning the possible execution of an innocent defendant, to attack Justice Sclia's commitment to Catholicism.  At Bench Memos, Ed Whelan has these posts in response:

In addition, the folks at Mirror of Justice have been talking a lot about Dershowitz's attack on Scalia, and here is a sample of the commentary there:

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Huh. Did Whelan ever opine on Melendez-Diaz? Did his head explode like federalists?

Posted by: . | Aug 21, 2009 12:24:57 PM

My head is exploding. These lawyers are quoting St. Thomas. They have a blog on the Catholic view of justice. Yet none recognizes the illegality of having Catechism content in American law. They would be screaming if there were Koranic content, however useful or beneficial.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 21, 2009 4:29:50 PM

I am an investigator and law student...wow is all I can say...it is amazing that a Supreme Court justice thinks that an Executive Pardon is the fail-safe remedy for an actually innocent defendant. He fails to realize that a governors pardon is a political act and subject to the electoral cycle...

Posted by: Randy | Aug 21, 2009 7:49:28 PM

Randy ... I agree with you. But that, to me, is more a comment on the body politic than on Scalia.

Posted by: anon | Aug 21, 2009 9:28:36 PM

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