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October 13, 2009

"Should Freedom of Worship Apply to Sex Offenders?"

The title of this post is the headline of this new item at the"Civil Religion" section of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, which riffs off the recent AP story discussing a North Carolina sex offender suing to protect his right to attend church. In response to the AP story, I wondered in this post  "What would Jesus do?" and this St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist asks a similar question:

After all, he was known to hang out with some unsavory characters in his day: liars, cheats, thieves, prostitutes, violent militants. Heck, some of these he even invited into his inner circle!

However, missing from that list is sex offenders. I wonder, would Jesus have been as quick to accept them?

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I'm not well versed in Christian mythology, but for the period wouldn't adultery have qualified as a sex offense?

Posted by: Soronel Haetir | Oct 13, 2009 10:52:46 AM

Jesus had the benefit of 123D doctrine of his day. There was relatively very little crime, despite the crushing poverty of 95% of the population. How is this possible? Very few scribes.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 13, 2009 11:55:27 AM

I believe that adultery WAS a sex crime given that a person could be stoned to death for it. Jesus saved a woman from being stoned to death - that's when he asked whomever is without sin to throw the first stone.
Also, there's the story of Joseph - sold into slavery by his brothers; falsely accuse of rape and imprisoned for it. He was a sex offender.
What about Jesus showing compassion to the prostitute - Mary Magdalene. That is a registerable sex offense in many states. She was hated back then - she was a sex offender.

YES, the Bible and Christianity is FULL of examples of SEX OFFENSES. The only difference is that there is forgiveness and redemption as with any other sin through Christ. Jesus made all sin equal in Matthew 5: basically, hate = murder. So, sin is sin is sin....and, therefore, forgiveness applies to ALL sin - that's what Jesus died for - that's what Christianity is all about: EXCEPT (it seems) in the gun-loving, red-neck, bigoted UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Apparently here in America, you're a Christian if you 1) watch the Fox News Channel, 2) Listen to Rush Limbaugh, 3) ONLY vote Republican 4) own lots and lots of guns and 5) (most importantly) gossip and show hatred towards and ostracize any person or group of people who don't fit the mold set forth above and/or who made certain mistakes in their past - regardless of what they are doing now in their lives. Christianity in America is a heresy! And, if Jesus were to return (whether you believe in the Bible or not) he would surely puke his guts out at what "Christians" are doing.
Remember: the term Christian was coined as an INSULT not long after Jesus was executed. It was used to make fun of the people who ACTED LIKE HIM and who LIVED THEIR LIVES LIKE HIM. Yet today, people have the NERVE to call themselves Christians. Christian should only be something that you can be labeled as based on how you live your life. Not who you vote for or what hateful news channel you watch or racist talk show host you listen to.
It also means respecting other's lifestyles and beliefs; not making fun of it or killing them for it. You don't have to embrace it or encourage it, but you are supposed to love them just the same. WHY??? Because THAT'S WHAT JESUS DID!!!! THAT'S WHAT CHRISTIANITY IS!!!!
In a TRUE Christian society, SEX OFFENDERS WOULD BE FORGIVEN as long as they are living their lives away from the sins of their past.

Posted by: George | Oct 13, 2009 8:00:38 PM

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