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October 11, 2009

Sunday sentencing sport: "Which elected politician said that?"

After I complete this post, I am heading down to my basement cave for a Sunday sports orgy with baseball, football and golf all vying for my attention.  Before calling it a day, I though I might provide a little sport for sentencing fans in the form of a contest to guess "Which elected politician said that?"  Here are the notable quotes:

1.  "America is the land of the second chance, and when the gates of the prison open, the path ahead should lead to a better life."

2.  "[T]here are thousands of non-violent offenders in the system whose future we cannot ignore.  Let’s focus more resources on rehabilitating those offenders so we can ultimately spend less money locking them up again."

3.  "We should not be resigned to allowing generation after generation to return to prison because they don’t have the tools to break the cycle.  I personally favor a number of these faith-based approaches.  But if there are other approaches, let’s try them.  This is an enormous problem, and since the ’70s, we have basically just said we’ll lock people up.”

4.  "The system has a very strong tendency to change them for the worse.  Everybody knows that, I think. Our current system is fundamentally immoral.”

5.  "I believe that we ought to be doing drug treatment rather than incarceration."

For serious sentencing fans, the first quote should be pretty easy.  And, as a hint for the others, I will add that the elected politicians who said these things are all members of the same political party.  The answers (and other notable quotes) can be found in this document, which I discovered thanks to Scott at Grits for Breakfast.

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George Bush said all of them, since he has a very deep and real understanding of the problem of addiction?

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 11, 2009 5:04:03 PM

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