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January 17, 2010

Young kid killer of two (including dad) gets sentence of residential treatment

This CNN report, which is headlined "Arizona boy who admitted killing father sentenced to treatment," details the sentencing outcome in a sad and sadly sensational double-killing that took place in Arizona a few years ago.  Here are the basics:

A 10-year-old Arizona boy who admitted to shooting and killing his father and another man in 2008 was sentenced Thursday to "in-patient treatment" that could go on for several years, according to the prosecutor. The boy pleaded guilty in February to one count of negligent homicide in exchange for a plea deal that dropped the two counts of murder he was charged with initially.

The boy was accused of killing his father, Vincent Romero, 29, and Tim Romans, 39, who rented a room in Romero's home in St. Johns, Arizona. Both men were found dead at the home November 5, 2008, and police said the next day that the boy confessed to shooting them with a .22-caliber weapon. At the time, the boy was 8.

"Under the plea agreement, he can be there (in treatment) up until he is 18," Apache County, Arizona, Attorney Michael Whiting said after the sentencing. "We hope that the treatment won't take that long. Obviously, it's not going to be successful if he is there when he is 18, and they are still treating him."

Whiting did not specifically describe what type of treatment the boy will undergo, beyond saying a psychiatrist will be involved and that the youth will be kept at his treatment facility with no ability to leave. The judge in the case ordered follow-up evaluations of the boy every two and a half years to update court officials on his progress.

Defense attorney Ron Wood said the boy was upset and crying in court during the sentencing and, "He was frightened." The boy apologized and "accepted responsibility for what he did," Wood said.

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Every state has a large set of these boy killers in residential treatment. These are usually kept secret by the criminal lovers. Killing at such a young age implies a biological defect, and argues against treatment and government make work jobs.

Besides the ability of children to be cold blooded murderers, what other facts get suppressed by the government make work, rent seeking, criminal lover community?

1) Homosexuals are markedly over-represented among serial and mass murderers compared to their accepted fraction in the community.

2) The overwhelming majority had committed many other violent crimes from childhood and adolescence. So, 123D would have prevented the overwhelming majority of their murders.

3) People develop good morals around age 3, after hearing the word, no, at age 2. This 18 year old landmark is a phony, invented by unions keeping people out of the job market in the late 19th Century. It is left wing bull. People are adults when nature says they are, at 14. That was the case for 10,000 years of civilization until the lying left wing rent seekers just made up that age, 18. The lawyer adopted this bull because it generates more lawyer jobs, "to protect children." There are no lawyers to protect victims from the vicious attacks of these "children." Why? Victims generate no lawyer fees, and may rot.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 17, 2010 7:46:35 PM

"3) People develop good morals around age 3, after hearing the word, no, at age 2."

That's just plain wrong. All available research on child development indicates that the moral/ethical sense isn't fully developed until age nine. While children do develop at different rates I don't know any competent psychologist who thinks it develops "around age three".

In fact, I pity this boy a great deal. This is almost the worst time of his life to have something like this happen. And I am in no way convinced that locking him up for any length of time serves any useful rehabilitative purpose.It certainly serves no deterrent purpose. It's a real tragedy all around.

Posted by: Daniel | Jan 17, 2010 11:18:51 PM

Not only can parents and pre-school teachers predict the future criminals at age 3, but the other 3 year olds in the class can, and very accurately. They shun them. And family circumstances do not predict anything.


Only the criminal lover, dumbass lawyer has trouble with that. And the better the legal education, the less the ability. See that dumbass, criminal lover and looser of vast numbers of vicious predators, Scalia.

"Tell me why you held that 3 year old boy's head under the water until he drowned?"

"He should not have touched my toy."

"Oh, OK. No problem."

Something is missing there, and it ain't never coming back. Everyone knows it, except the criminal lover dumbass lawyer, murderer apologist and criminal coddler. But let a little kid so much as sneeze too close to his precious pre-schooler, and the vile land pirate traitor is terrorizing the school with ruinous litigation, encouraged by land piracy headquarters at the Supreme Court.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 18, 2010 12:16:08 AM

Daniel: Of course you pity this boy. He is a good lawyer customer. Not one word from your criminal lover lips about the victims.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 18, 2010 12:18:51 AM

That's a garbage study and you know it SC. I'm skocked that someone as smart as you would be taken in by such claptrap.

Posted by: Daniel | Jan 18, 2010 12:54:33 AM

Dan: Forget the studies. If you had your own kids or nieces and nephews, at what age did they develop any sense of rules, of law and order?

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 18, 2010 1:55:25 AM

FWIW, Texas' youth prison system just released a study of treatment programming in their system. Their "capital and violent offender" and sex-offender treatment programs actually showed quite good results vis a vis recidivism, though inexplicably their drug treatment program resulted in worse outcomes than high-risk youth that didn't receive the services.

The statement "Killing at such a young age implies a biological defect" likely itself suggests some serious mental defect. I wish folks would engage Doug's posts instead of SC's insane rantings. This blog would be more fun to visit if every comment string, regardless of the topic, weren't hijacked by the evil-lawyers-conspiracy version of the 911-truthers.

Bottom line: They're going to incarcerate this kid after this tragedy so he may as well get treatment while he's inside instead of just being warehoused. To cite a religious example, if God could use murderers like Moses and King David to author portions of the Bible, surely there's some chance this boy might yet turn things around in his life and make a positive contribution. Then again, perhaps not - nothing is predetermined. But demented ramblings about punishing 3 year olds with 123D aside, it doesn't make any sense to give up on the kid yet.

Posted by: Gritsforbreakfast | Jan 18, 2010 6:45:04 AM

Grits: Very Christian of you. How about a little Christian compassion for victims? Not one word about victims from the left wing fringe. Crime drops with age, with programs, without programs. Mostly crime drops with incapacitation and with almost nothing else. Programs do teach criminals the language of political correctness. They can sound good to review boards and judges. "Your Honor, I learned to use my coping skills now when someone makes me angry, or when I hear the word, No."

Crime rates are set by the risks and advantages of crime, and by the number of criminals not incapacitated. The risks and advantages are set by lawyers, herding crime into minority neighborhoods, where they work, away from where they live. So I think lawyer policies are relevant. Mostly, lawyers look out only for themselves, and not for the public who pays their salaries.

In response to public outrage, they enacted mandatory sentencing guidelines for the federal government and for 21 high crime states. Crime dropped 40% across the board, a tremendous lawyer achievement in only 10 years. But, so did lawyer jobs and fees. So these guidelines are now discretionary.

You experienced your own kids. You saw lawless two year olds who laughed at people getting hurt. They turned into law and order types at age three. They comforted people who were hurt and tried to help them feel better. Either that happened or it didn't.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 18, 2010 8:18:28 AM

Everyone knows that:

1) rehabilitation can and does work for some.

2) rehabilitation has many failures which result in more innocent harmed and murdered.

Any comments on this case appear to based up ignorance.

Were the two dead men shot because they sexually abused the 8 year old boy that shot them and rehabilitation may have great results? Would you call those two "victims"?

Is the 8 year old a sociopath who just wanted to kill some folks and rehabilitation will have no benefit? Very sad for the victims and their loved ones.

There are nearly an infinite number of possibilities, none of which we know.


Posted by: Dudley Sharp | Jan 18, 2010 8:50:06 AM

Because kids and adults are easily led, all confessions and all allegations should have physical evidence in support. No confession should be admitted unless supported by affirmative physical evidence. The Rules of Evidence should be revised accordingly. I agree with that idea. It is the lawyer that does not. It is the lawyer that still operates as if we were living in the 13th Century. The plea offer may have been influenced by the inadequacies of the interrogation. In the absence of physical corroboration, it should be suppressed. With physical corroboration, it should be allowed. The lawyer does not operate that way. He operates on the gotcha. The officer led the witness on one question. Gotcha. Throw out the entire confession, despite the great amount of useful information in it.

The CNN commentator, Lisa Bloom, is, of course, the daughter of Gloria Allred, and a left wing extremist. She has no credibility.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Jan 18, 2010 10:29:12 AM

I am sure that when he did it he wasn't that aware of the consequences of his action.

Posted by: Olympus Digital Cameras | Jan 19, 2010 8:42:32 AM

Its truly sad when you hear in the news of people getting murdered and its twice the feeling when the people murdered is someone close to you.

Posted by: Accounting Jobs | Jan 19, 2010 1:39:17 PM

This is really a crime that will surely be convicted of murder but there are chances that you could give. A chance for a teen to change. There are limited individual who had the chance to be in a residential treatment and don't waste the chances of using this opportunity.

Posted by: Residential Treatment | Mar 10, 2010 9:22:19 AM

August 23, 2010-

My son Hozy Germane Whitehead has been detained in the Cook County Jail since December 13 picked up December 11 from what was supposed to have been his home in 2008. Hozy had just returned to the house in November after he had moved out because of his wife Tracy sleeping with her ex.. (Heather father) Tracy claimed that she had not seen or heard from Heather’s father until reason. Heather had never met him until 2008.

Heather had rushed home from New York to tell her step father that she had walked in on her mother and biological father in bed and he had promised to visit Chicago in January for his birthday. With the hope to state at the home of Tracy and Hozy’s because he would not be there (and he wasn’t. He was in jail) . Only it didn’t’ work that way. I heard Tracy ask Heather Bitch did you think you could replace me? Did you think you could replace me? You were only cursed to look like me but you can never be me.

Tracy had gone to the apartment Hozy shared with two room mates with her sister Vicky and two women from church to bring Hozy home that Saturday morning and he had gone willingly. I asked him when he called me from his apartment what was wrong with him, why was he going back there.

The truth did not prevail in court on Thursday August 19 2010.. It is nearly two years since Germane was arrested, and on Thursday the judge declared him as guilty, and Germane’s optimism was drained away, his hope annihilated.

The world labeled my son guilty of a monstrous crime, I like so many of his family and friends refused to believe it. When the judge spoke out that he did not believe his testimony and there was no truth in hers, I knew without a doubt that my son had gone through a Kangaroo court, something I had heard about most of my life. As he sat the date for sentencing I knew that this judge had taken the life of many young and old innocent men. He couldn’t wait to put my son in the penitentiary system.

Ask a defense attorney how many clients profess innocence. Ask a prison warden how many inmates claim they are not guilty. The answer is the same: Denial is epidemic behind bars.
The Innocence Project, a national non-profit that works to exonerate the innocent. Since its inception in 1992, the group has used DNA testing to overturn convictions of 244 inmates. Only for my son there can be no DNA.

By the time those prisoners won their freedom -- they had served an average of 12 years -- many had lost the bonds that would help them make a new life on the outside. One study shows marriages are three times more likely to fail when a man is incarcerated.
Who would blame her if she simply moved on? At the last minute the lawyer decided upon a bench trial - putting his future in the hands of a judge - because his lawyer felt the heinousness of the crime and the victim's young age might make the jury biased as well as she had the victims affidavits before her as well as the letters to the judge etc;.

Heather took the stand and told her story: That her step dad had been raping her for years. He didn’t’ threatened to kill her or her family she told the court. She said he done none of these things but she loved her mother to much to tell her and so it kept on going on for seven years. At first she said he would drag her into the basement where they lived. There he performed oral sex on her only to later rape her.

Hozy testified in his own defense. Hozy's attorney argued there was no physical evidence to link his client to the crime no matter what the victim said there were at least three affidavits, a letter to the judge apologizing and a letter of character before the court.
When the judge decided that he didn’t want to let my son go he said he didn’t believe the girl came up with the letter of character by herself. And she hadn’t I had given the lawyer fifty two letters and she only showed the one that Heather had written because she didn’t know she would need the others besides she held them for just in cast.

Hozy and Tray had no biological children, but he treated them as if they were-something that always surprised people when they found out that Hozy was not their father. If her three (3) wasn’t enough Tracy took both of Tina’s children as well. Trying to get Hozy to adopt them only I protested. I wanted to know how it was that she wouldn’t allow him to adopt hers but she would another woman’s and a white woman at that. The woman wanted her kids back but Tracy moved away and wouldn’t let the woman see her children.
After court one day Tracy and I went by her house only to find Heather walking around in her step father’s night clothes. Tracy hit the fan. Heather said they are comfortable besides they make me feel closer to him.

"We were happy before dad went away; Heather had told the police officer that came to the house after the house had been robbed for the second time within a week. I miss daddy’s laughing and smiles, it is not just hard on mom, but on the whole family. He did almost everything for us. With her mother at work, all the children grieved their father's absence.

He was the one who attended PTA meetings and chaperoned when the school or church requested it. Some kids envied the little girls whose father, unlike their own, visited the school so often. Now the kids in the neigborhood were calling their daddy a rapist.

Nighttimes were the most difficult time for Tracy. One day Tracy came home early and Heather was always walking around in his pj's when asked why she would always said they’re comfortable and I feel closer to him. She was always up in her parent bed, just as before Hozy was arrest. Heather would crawl up in the bed on his side with his p. PJ’s on and fall a sheep...

Despite His faith in God, Hozy felt lost. Why us, Tracy asked. He’s a good man. My husband don’t deserve to go to prison for this garbage. We are good people. Why does this happen to good people? "It was almost like he was dead," Tracy said to me. "That's how bad it hurt... For almost two years Tracy ran to me to comfort her against my family desire. They all wanted her gone but I couldn’t just do that. She had been my daughter for over 12 years. And Tracy’s children had been grand children plus Tracy had taken n a few more that didn’t belong t anyone in the family.

Prison visits became a routine part of our life, and the trips were no vacation. The length of each visit hinged on the kindness of the guards. In between visits, Hozy wrote to Tracy almost everyday at first then later once in a while because Tracy never replied to Hozy telling him that she don’t like to write, then finally she stopped putting money on the books, or on the phone to talk with him. Yet she would tell him she loved him.

"When things get rough, Tracy would run over to my place, sometimes drunk as a skunk; other times she would attend service with me. I did everything possible to make her feel God's kindness in the love and friendship, we held for each other and Hozy Sometimes it was only through Tracy that I could feel my son’s love as God lift me up giving me the strength to reach out to this woman who had stolen my son’s life, taken him from his young daughter, friends and family only to send him away we are afraid maybe for the rest of our lives.

"It was a nightmare," Hozy would write home or tell me when I went to visit him. . "Guys look at you funny when you're labeled a rapist. I had to keep defying the lies. He said. Hozy spend most of his free time in the prison library. Hozy dedicated hundreds of hours to scrutinizing his case and examining the law. What could have gone wrong, what brought on this nightmare, he asked me one day. I was the best daddy those children could have had. There was no text or evidence to support Heathers lies, nor did the judge accept Hozy’s statement of defense. The judge threw out the testimony of Tracy’s as well as mines. I asked Hozy’s lawyer why wasn’t the evident on the Medicare records brought into question Tracy had told me that she had the girl tested to see if she was sexual activities in 2007 and the test result was negative how could it be negative then and not in 2000-2006 arguing the results were irrelevant. They were never introduced at trial. That day when Tracy made this statement Hozy, Heather, Charles, Nick, Melissa, Broadway, Diane, Tiffany, De’Juan, Justice (baby), Christiana and Joey (Tracy’s foster children) Alex and re Tracy’s (nephew and niece) was there. So there are witnesses to the whole thing who are willing to testify.

I will never forget the statement my son had made about some of the guys in jail with him. “Guys look at you funny when you're labeled a rapist a child rapist at that.” Hozy had no prior record, and there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime.

False confessions, police misconduct and the judge playing god are responsible for Hozy’s wrongful convictions... The police department are known for lying, cheating and hanging crimes on innocent victims. All they want is to make their case. The police that was supposed to have spoken to my son was not at the trial. The police that testified lied and said Nicholas the son wasn't there. But he was. Nick told everybody that would listen including Hozy's lawyer that the police said that he was going to see to it that he never walk the streets again. Nicholas said that he begged the police to listen to him. He jumped on his mother choking her the night after his step father was locked up. Tracy called me screaming Nicholas gone crazy. Heather and Christiana were locked in Heather room. While Melissa was out running the streets as always. Hozy was determined to leave the place he called a "hellhole." The toll being in jail took on him sometimes came through the phone. He would call sounding like he had been crying after witnessing a stabbing or a rape. Or tell us about cellmates who had killed family members and showed no remorse. At first Hozy lost weight from the strain. Hozy broke out from his skin condition to the point I had to call up there and file a complaint. He knew, too, the unseen impact of his incarceration on me and his family and friends.

Hozy had an ideal that Tracy was moving on, but he couldn’t prove it and she wouldn’t admit to it. . Being in jail have severely damaged his reputation and cost him 20 valuable months of his life.

This judge is another reason why people don't completely trust the justice system. Not only was he convicting my son of a crime that he didn't do he was looking at years behind the wall for it with all kinds of criminals.

Now don't get me wrong raping anyone no matter what age deserves either death or a life sentence. I am a rape victim my daughters are rape victims.

I hate throwing out the race card, but if he was white I hate to say this would've never happened.

And these white people wonder why people of African Ancestry have problems with the court system. Apparently innocence has NO bearing in the court.
One of the sad things about this situation is that judges that do these things do not seem to be reprimanded for their crimes. I pray that this judge suffer ten times worst then any rape victim I have ever known. I pray his sleep at night will eat him like the cancer that he is. I tried to pray for him but I can’t. I tried to tell myself that he’s just doing what he felt was right. But I can’t. He took a look at Heather’s and Tracy’s faked tears for 20 months and turned the table on my son.

I've read and heard of many of cases where the judge decides to throw out some evidence or instruct the jury to assume someone is telling the truth. It makes no sense that a judge should have the power to disallow some evidence or change it. He wasn’t there. But yet he asked me “Do you read minds” why did he ask me this? Was it because he was about to play psyche himself?

It makes no sense this judge with all this power would disallow such evidence such as her medical records stating: “No sexuality” from being admitted, especially in this case, where it could have given light to the girl being raped or not. .

Given the history of Black people in this country (slavery, Jim crow, etc), we usually know better than to assume that the "justice" system is always fair and always right. But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I find it nauseating when people substitute patriotism, morals, or faith for common sense. The lie of Heather, Tracy and Melissa rob Hozy of his dignity. It saddens me that the judge sitting before me every month played such an important role in my son’s life sat on the seat of just changing the truth into a lie, pointing fingers and placing blame as if he was there. He had taken my son’s files home with him during his vacation for one month, while detaining him in the Cook County Jail while he not only made a decision to add to and take away what the State Attorneys wanted to hear but also to give his Attorneys the opportunity to study and write out what they felt was the case at hand. We did not come there to hear the “Closing for a second time” we came there to hear what conclusion the judge had come to sense he had refused to tell the court if the State had reached their burden of proof.

The Judge knew that they had not proven anything... Testimonies, Affidavits, etc; found Heather Lynch guilty of perjury while her boyfriend and family looked on.
Apparently this judge sitting on the seat in room 107 didn't want anything that could possible prove Hozy innocent. I would love to have this judge investigated to see just how many people he has imprisoned with substantial no evidence.

Tracy knew that Hozy had not raped her daughter. This is why she worked so hard trying to help clear his name. She knows he didn’t do it?
There was no DNA. There was no evidence. Yet they ran with it calling him a child rapist before they had the full story. This judge sitting on the seat of justice was supposed to be filled with wisdom instead his actions was ignorance. He openly came up with a guilty verdict on no evidence. There are millions of women and men in prison today because of the ignorance of what some body with a bit of human power thought. I know my words calling down destruction on the judge are harsh but isn’t labouring and sentencing my son to a life of rape and confinement harsh? The state attorneys did a bad job, and the judge did worst. . No matte what reasons this judge decided that Hozy is guilty. He can’t give us any true facts. Black people have been sent to prison for less then a thought for years... I understand that a lot of white folks think all blacks are stupid and rapist, but damn, are they forever going to get the right to be stopped.

That old judge said Heather had been coached into choosing saying her step father raped her. She had told us that the state attorneys told her that if she recants she was going to jail.
So in this case the entire evidence was the rape victim's word enhanced by the judge after a month vacation of speaking with the staff in his court room and my son was convicted?

when a judge take paper work home during his vacation and throw out, cut down and throw out affidavits given by the supposed victim in order to get a convictions you know something isn't right. The purpose of writing this story is to place the whole story in the news I am sure somebody will print it for me.

With the exception of using the work "drunks" to describe herself in court Tracy got away without perishing herself. She’s not the only person suffering from the horrible disease of addiction. Just as she had been drinking that night so had her husband. The story read by the judge and the D. A. I was told after Tracy her it read the first time is that it was the story about what had happened to her when she had been raped by her mothers boy friend. Now she sat before the judge playing crazy.

The judge and the State perpetuates false presumption that Tracy being an alcoholic is responsible for Heather rapes going on so long (if she was raped should have been the statement). These people know that this statement is false and it was not the drinking that kept Tracy from telling the truth on the stand. It was her absentee parenting that disqualified her from knowing the truth about what had taken place. She was always running around with some man or out of town with her sisters in the islands.

After experiencing months of sitting and listening to what is obviously a racist judge, unfortunately, none of this surprises me. I can only hope the future will bring about better results for those who find themselves entangled in the judicial system. These narrow minded, bigoted judges who want to play god will reap their harvest this I am sure of.
No matter how they think that they are literally getting away with murder.

His conviction itself was a crime. Soon no men will be marrying women with children because it isn’t safe... The police Tracy said told her that Hozy married her to get to the children.

It's a real shame that this happened, I'll never understand our justice system, even though the United States Justice System is better than other countries, they often go by "he says, she says..." testimonies. Even as a kid I used to get into trouble for many things I did not do, sometimes people are just in the wrong place, at the wrong time... Hozy was not at the wrong place, he was not even there. It's a proven fact; this has been proven time and time again... If you ask a child over and over something, they will change their stories... No one should be put into jail unless it can be proven with 100% certain that the person is guilty... There are way too many people in jail right now who are in jail because someone lied on them or "thinks" or "thought" it was them...

There are scare tactics that are used in the system, one of them is scaring the victims into confessing to a crime they did not commit, otherwise they will be taken away from their family and friends or go to jail like the State did Heather. From my experience sitting in court room 107, the wisest thing would have been for Hozy to use a jury, they would have seen through the facts, as the judge in this case did not. I had spoken to the lawyer and Hozy about this. I knew that old man was going to hang my son. I watched him give a man eleven years for appealing a case and returning to his court before him. If that isn’t low tell me what is?

Hozy have been convicted of some horrifying charges. The judge and prosecutor should be questioned for their involvement of destroying my son’s life.

Why are we not going after the judges and prosecutors that so obviously and tragically abuse the justice system? Obviously this judge thought my son was guilty and so abused his power to make sure he was convicted. He disallowed evidence that would show innocence. He should be disbarred at the least.

Things worth thinking about!.

1. Tracy got raped when she was 15 by her mother’s boyfriend.
2. Tracy daughter Melissa was raped by her grandmother boyfriend while living with her.
Her mother sent her back to Tracy after the school found her pushing crayons in her virginal
3. Hozy was never allowed to come to the house without the kids.
4. Heather fought to sit in the front seat when the kids came with him.
5. Everywhere Hozy went Heather went even if the kids or Tracy wasn’t with him.
6. Tracy went to rehab because I told her to after her son choked her at my house and my daughter grabbed him. Her sister called her friend and took her to Hay wagon.
7.Tracy constantly left Hozy to be with other men.
8. Tracy’s sister married Tracy’s ex.
9. Tracy’s mother never did anything about her boy friend raping Tracy or her daughter but she demand something done to Hozy.
10. Hozy’s father tried to get Hozy to leave Tracy alone before he died.
11. Hozy’s brother and him stopped speaking for over five years because Tracy said Hozy Jr. tried to go with her.
12. Tracy said my brother tried to kiss her.
13. Hozy moved out Tracy threatens the young women that she saw talking to Hozy or she thought Hozy was sleeping with.
14. Tracy claimed she was pregnant when I paid for the wedding. She claimed she didn’t want another child out of wedlock.
15. I didn’t know that Tracy was the woman they called The Bitch until after she married my son.
16. Tracy period was supposed to came down the night of the Wedding.
17. Her mother wouldn’t’ come to the wedding because she told Tracy that she was wrong. She was only to get married if she loved him. And he had a daughter and girlfriend that she had befriended.
18. Two weeks after the wedding the licence had not been turned in, when I asked the Pastor about them he rushed gave them to Tracy and she turned them in. Hozy wanted out because she wasn’t sleeping with him. His brother n law had caught her and her sister Patty in a bar, with her rings off her fingers, sitting in a man’s lap. While Hozy sat at home with the children. Tracy swore up and down it was a lie. Later Charles and Patty jumped on Hozy because he and Tracy got into it. Hozy moved home with the help of his sisters Helen and Diane. Tracy talked him into moving back.
19. Tracy says the pastor was stalking her and wouldn’t let Hozy confront the man.
20. Tracy and Hozy stopped going to the Church because of Pastor Johnson wouldn’t stay away from her. Hozy would come home and he would be parked in front of the house or upstairs standing by the door.
21. Hozy took the children to school
22. Hozy took the children to the doctor
23. Hozy picked Melissa and Nick up from the police stations.
24. Hozy protected Melissa from the gang banging girls out in Hazel crest.
25. Tracy worked nights with a limousine company that she claimed she was buying into only to fly herself and her two sisters to the island and come back and the man had turned the company over to his son. That was the end of that. Tracy had given her red truck to he sister instead of her husband who needed it.
25. Tracy wouldn’t allow Hozy to use her car to go to work, because she wanted him to stay home and take care of the house and the children.
27. Every job Hozy got Tracy would call up there constantly or go to until he lost his job.
28. Hozy was supposed to have used the children on his taxes but Tracy had already given the information to her sister Vicky and now Hozy has to pay back money because Tracy wouldn’t tell the truth.
29. Tracy and Vicky collected money from the Daycare Action for Children from 2000 to 2007 in Vicky name while Hozy baby-sit. When he found out about it and threaten to turn it in he moved out. Tracy begged him to forgive her and come back.
30. Heather was rushed to the hospital kidney failure.
31. Tracy asked the doctor to check her daughter to see if she was still a virgin since this young man Charles was living at the house at the time.
32. The finding is in the medical records. That’s why the State didn’t’ use the medical records. Dec. 10, 2007. Claiming it was against the law. (The Shield Law)
33. Tracy begged her mother not to marry Hozy Sr. because she didn’t want her husband to be her brother as well as her husband. 2003 Hozy father falls in bath tub and dies. September 21, 2003.
34. Tracy lied and told her mother that Christiana was her biological child by Hozy.
35. Tracy moved and wouldn’t return the child to Tina 2003.
36. Social Worker Butler helped Tracy steal the child. Butler was the girls worker the child was not a ward of the state but the mother was, and needed a place Tracy took her end against Hozy’s better judgment. Once more Hozy left and Tracy came for him begging him to try and work things out. While sleeping around Tracy claimed that it was only Hozy that needed to go to sexaholic classes. 2000
37. Why can’t the flies from the hospital be used? They can prove that Heather was a virgin and that there is no way that Hozy could have been raping her all those years. 2007
38 Why can’t some of the letters written for character reference be used in court to prove that Heather wasn’t the only one that wrote a letter.
39. The judge claim that Tracy made Heather write the letters, but that’s a lie. I asked everybody for a letter that knew him and it was mention to Heather and she wrote the truth because she didn’t want him going to jail for a lie. 2010
40. The state got his record and kept them for a month due to the public defender can’t this also be used. 2010
41. How do we know that the police that took the statement from Hozy didn’t change it. They promised Tracy that he would never get out, the night of the lock up Tracy and Nick told me this on the morning of the lock up.2008
42. Nick choked Tracy after he found his stepfather had been locked up for raping his sisters.2008
43. Girls in neighbourhood beat Melissa after she tried to get some of them to testify that Hozy had slept with them. 2008
44. Tracy and Heather go to New York. Heather meets the man that is supposed to be he father for the first time. Heather catches Tracy and her biological dad in bed. She walks in and sat down just as she does Hozy and Tracy. Father tells Heather that Tracy and He was going to work things out. Heather comes home tells Hozy. Hozy leaves, moves with two other young men. Tracy comes begs him to return. September 2008.
45. Kuby gets in touch with Hozy tells him he has a daughter. He hadn’t known the girl was pregnant because Tracy had come gotten him before the girl could tell him it was his, he had heard she was pregnant, but thought it was another man’s. Tracy had told him that the doctor said he couldn’t father any more children because he had a low sperm count. She would cry every so often because she wanted his child and he couldn’t get her pregnant. When the truth came out she was highly angry.
46. Tracy fines out about it and tells Hozy’s mother and all that would listen that he will never get to see the monkey.
47. Kuby brings child to jail and Hozy and Tracy both sees her for the first time. She’s two years old. 2009. Tracy clowns at the jail.

What I feel happened?

1. I know Heather and Hozy had sex. I know Heather was/is in love with Hozy. I warned Hozy about those girls being with him all the time. Tracy wouldn’t let him come to the city unless the children were with them. 2003-2008
2. Heather has a shunt in her head not in her virginal. Since 2007 she had to have a surgery in her head not her virginal. 2007
3. Heather was 18 years old when she and Hozy had sex. How do I know? Hozy have a collections of knifes and machetes and one night he came to the house went in his room, got drunk and tried to kill himself. I knew then something had happened at the house. I tried to get him to talk about it, but he kept saying I don’t deserve to live. This was in 2008. When a friend of the family that he and his sister Helen had gone to school with died in August of 2008 once more Hozy got drunk and cried if you all only knew what I have done you would hate me. I knew once more as the spirit led me that Hozy and Heather had gotten together. September 2008
4. He didn’t go back to Tracy’s house but she called him 24/24. He had moved out and said he’d never go back. Heather called him, she texted him day and night the phone bill was over 400 dollars when Tracy order the bill from AT&T and saw all the texting from Heather to Hozy she got angry. Tracy called every number on Hozy’s phone threaten to kill or kick the women rear end. One of those women was a young lady that lived down the street from me. September 2008
5. Hozy finally moved back home. In November Hozy’s roommates gave Hozy a birthday party. Tracy didn’t go but she sent Heather and Alex her daughter and her nephew with him to keep an eye on him. I felt they had no business there considering what these guys do at parties. But Heather insisted on going. I gave the DVD to the Public Defender Robinson. It shows that Heather was enjoying herself. Letter Hozy got to drunk to take Heather and Alex home they spend the night, the next morning Heather knocked on the bed room door. Hozy answered it, a woman was lying on the bed, fully dressed asleep. 2008
6. Heather calls her mother and tells her Daddies in bed with another woman. 2008
7. Tracy and Hozy got into it. Tracy insist he get up bring them home and wait there until she get in so they can sign divorce papers which she didn’t believe he would sign. 2008
8. Tracy and Hozy signed the divorce papers with the promise that she would turn them in, instead Tracy put them in the trunk of her car. On Saturday November 21 Tracy, her sister Vicky and two other women went to Hozy place of resident, waited outside until he returned and packed him up and took him home. Tracy said to me, it’s not over till it’s over. I have put twelve years into this man. He’s my husband and I am not going to let no body have him. I asked Hozy did he know what he was doing. He said Mama I want to try and save my marriage. Every one out there called me and feared for him. Tracy acted like a mad woman. Charles Hudson, Maurice Hudson, the girl, Maurice girlfriend and the people in the building all looked on as Tracy ordered Hozy into the car. November 2008
9. Hozy was to go to the doctor with me on December 10 2008 because I was going to have an epidural-under in my back, shots in my legs and the doctor would not do it with out someone with me. I waited for Hozy when I finally got in touch with him, once more he was out doing Tracy’s bidding instead of her doing it. When I left the clinic I called Hozy he told me that he was running and errand with Heather to put her in college. He could call me later only I never got that call Tracy called me at 3am and told me Germane’s in jail Mama for raping my daughters. She didn’t tell me where, she didn’t give me any details but she was not drunk. I could tell she had been drinking but she was not drunk.
10. Tracy is a functioning alcoholic. She holds a good job and can do what sober people can’t.
11. Once he was locked up and I asked her for the bill to use it in court she told me I took them to work and shredded them up. 2009
12. I asked her for the divorce papers she told me she took them to work and shredded them up. 2009
13. Why did all this come up only after Heather’s father came in the picture? Why is it that Heather only cried rape after she saw him with another woman? Tracy said I don’t believe Melissa but Heather wouldn’t lie to me. Tracy said she talked to Hozy and he admitted that He and Heather had had sex. I do not believe Hozy would have been foolish enough to have raped that woman’s girls and expected her to just talk about it. Tracy told me that Heather father called her on the phone after Melissa told him and told him to call the police or he would have her charged as well.
14. Tracy uncle or cousin is a lawyer living in New York his name is Montell Lynch and he’s the one that told her to play it out as an alcoholic. It was his idea that she go to Tinley Park Mental Hospital, had I known this I would have left her there. It was his idea to pretend she was a drunk. And she used me to do it. I had her sister to take her to get cleaned. No one gets clean in a week. If she can’t remember what happened that night she remembered when the statement was read in the court by the D.A. It was only then that she claims that she remembers what had happened to her and didn’t want the court to know. She confessed to me that those was the words that the mothers boyfriend had said to her. She don’t want anyone to know she even lied to Hozy about it and told him it was her sister Vicky that got raped. Vicky came over one evening and I asked her about her being raped by her mothers boyfriend and she said no, no you got that wrong. Trac been lying to you. He tried to rape me I told my mother and she didn’t believe me, she sent me to live with my daddy. I don’t have anything to do with the bitch. It was Trac. Tracy tricked him when he was on the phone with her and put Mama on the phone and she heard him for herself then she sent Trac to stay with daddy. I think he’s Heathers father”
15. Tracy is living with her ex-boyfriend his name is Jerrold Murphy and he just got out of prison in Michigan. She keeps his two children every weekend.
16. Nicholas is willing to testify now.
17. Spoke to Nicholas today, no one told him what happened in court.
18. Melissa lied and said she didn’t go.
19. Tracy

Posted by: catherine | Aug 30, 2010 1:18:41 AM

Is it mandatory for a judge to take a defendant file home during his vacation to return hear the D.A closing for a second time which has been totally rewritten and studied, and the judge then throw a guilty sentences on the defendant when the D. A had not proved their burden? The D.A is a lawyer in his court every day while the lawyer for the defendant is from another city?

The judge took my sons files home from July 15, to August 19, threw out the affidavits saying that they was no good, the letter of apology to the court for taking up the court's time was no good. The character letter was no good. And the audio confession had malfunctioned so the police typed the confession and had the defendant sign it, only the defendant thought he was signing for his lap top that is yet to be mentioned in court. If the voice was not understandable on the recorder shouldn't the state have still presented it in court? The mother played drunk and crazy and the daughter the judge said was the hero.

Everyone that came in and out of the court that day said the judge should let that man go, that woman have perjured heself at least three times but the d.a fought for 20 months and have now destroyed a family of six. None of the children will live with the mother nor come home because they said she locked up their daddy. all because a young woman was in love with her step father and got jealous when she found him with another woman. the young woman said that the D. A forced her to lie and she's afraid of going to jail.

Posted by: catherine | Aug 30, 2010 1:30:53 AM

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