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February 19, 2010

Notable suggestions from UK public on youth punishments

I came across this interesting sentencing article from across the pond, which is headlined "Flog Young Offenders And Put Them In Stocks."  Here are excerpts:

A new scheme asking for ideas on how to punish young offenders has been forced to reject many suggestions, including floggings and the stocks.  The Government asked members of the public in the North West to suggest jobs that youngsters could be ordered to carry out as part of their punishment.

In six weeks, 131 ideas were put forward including locking the youngsters in the stocks and pelting them with oranges.  One person suggested public floggings, saying: "They would soon lose all 'street cred' and NEVER re-offend again."

The drastic proposals were submitted through the Government website Making Good. Of the 131 ideas put forward 92 have been seen as "positive".  Sixty one of these gave specific details of a project to be undertaken.

The pilot scheme has been judged to be a success and is being rolled out across the country by Justice Secretary Jack Straw.  "Making Good will empower members of the public by giving them a say in how young offenders in their communities should make amends," he said. 

The scheme builds on existing community work programmes by allowing anyone to suggest jobs that teams of young offenders, aged from 10 to 17, could carry out.  The six-week pilot led to just 14 ideas being accepted, including putting up bird boxes in Liverpool parks and clearing a garden in a sheltered housing complex, while 13 others are being considered....

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Justice said it had been assessed as a "high risk".  The publicity for the scheme warns: "Public suggestions will need to comply with a range of conditions and be subject to a thorough risk assessment."  Shadow justice secretary Dominic Grieve dismissed the scheme as an "X Factor style gimmick", and called on the Government to reduce re-offending rates instead.

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Putting up bird houses, OK. Flogging, not "positive."

The left wing government coincidentally favors work in government programs as a remedy to juvenile crime. Leetle biased, there.

What if flogging works really well to deter juvenile crime, not just in the floggee but in his pals? Why is it negative? Places with cheap corporal punishment, and not expensive, rent seeking government programs, have low crime rates, despite high poverty rates. Their poverty comes from not making all kids complete the sixth grade. It does not come from rampant criminality and deterrence of new business, as our poverty does.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Feb 19, 2010 5:55:41 AM

Oh yes,

We have just as many barbarians and idiots here as you do there.

(However, I do have to urge the reader to realise who is the reporting source, for this story).


Posted by: Dr Nigel Leigh Oldfield | Feb 19, 2010 1:03:04 PM

Those who oppose effective corporal punishment of criminals, cheap punishment, easy repeatable punishment, automatically endorse the corporal punishment of their crime victims. They come like the sides of a coin, inseparably. Coddle the criminal physically, punish the crime victim physically. In the US, there are 5 million violent FBI Index Crime victimization. This represents a policy of the criminal law to dump corporal punishment on victims. They do not generate lawyer fees, and may rot. The criminal can not so much as be verbally criticized. Any negative feedback might reduce criminality, and the lawyer fees it generates.

This lawyer policy is unacceptable.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Feb 20, 2010 3:06:13 AM

I would like to see the first people to be flogged to be responsible government officials, drafters of pro-criminal regulations, vile, biased pro-criminal judges, prosecutors who prosecute home owners defending their properties, and allow vile terrorists to run roughshod over entire neighborhoods. Just beat their asses. Bring street justice to these internal traitors.

People should vote for a strong executive who can have the lot arrested, tried for an hour, and executed for their betrayals in pursuit of left wing rent seeking.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Feb 20, 2010 9:36:53 PM

Naturally, corporal punishment works. More exactly, it could work, but there ist too much prejudice amd less realism.

Corporal punishment would work guaranteed on each wrongsdoer.Imprisonment doesn't. Corporal punishment would have the same well-known effect on each wrongdoer. Imprisonment doesn't, of course. Corporal punishment would work on the wrongdoer whereas reprimand, probation or a little fine doesn't. Corporal punishment would enable the wrongdoer to stay in his family, job &c. whereas imprisonment often ruins this. If imprisonment is required, corporal punishment linked up with detention would enable an effective short-time sentence. Long-time imprisonment doesn't need this combination, but corporal punishment would fit new crimes and unruliness of the prisoners.

On the contrary we consider by intuition corporal punishment as an 'class-justice' measure, because it isn't suitable for all crimes in the same manner. But that's wrong: The established, educated, wealthy folks would not be exampted from corporal punishment merely most criminals come from the so-called underclass.

Posted by: Central European (prof.) | Jun 25, 2010 10:12:13 AM

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