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October 15, 2010

FSR October 2010 issue, "Life Without Parole," now available on-line

I am pleased to report that the October issue of the Federal Sentencing Reporter, which is full of cutting edge analysis and commentary on the topic of "Life Without Parole, is now available on-line.  The Table of Contents for this latest FSR issue can be accessed at this link, and the full issue and/or a full subscription to the Federal Sentencing Reporter can be ordered on-line here.)

Professor Michael O’Hear, the chief FSR editor who assembled a great set of articles, authored an opening commentary, entitled "The Beginning of the End for Life Without Parole?", and this introductory essay can be downloaded at this link.   The other major piece in this terrific FSR issue are listed below:


  • Robert Blecker, Less Than We Might: Meditations on Life in Prison Without Parole
  • Molly M. Gill, Clemency for Lifers: The Only Road Out Is the Road Not Taken 
  • Ashley Nellis, Throwing Away the Key: The Expansion of Life Without Parole Sentences in the United States
  • Gregory J. O’Meara, Compassion and the Public Interest: Wisconsin’s New Compassionate Release Legislation
  • Dirk van Zyl Smit, Outlawing Irreducible Life Sentences: Europe on the Brink? 


  • Rachel E. Barkow, Categorizing Graham
  • Richard S. Frase, Graham’s Good News — and Not
  • Youngjae Lee, The Purposes of Punishment Test
  • Dan Markel, May Minors Be Retributively Punished After Panetti (and Graham)?
  • Eva S. Nilsen, From Harmelin to Graham — Justice Kennedy Stakes Out a Path to Proportional Punishment
  • Jessica Olive & David Gray, A Modest Appeal for Decent Respect
  • Alice Ristroph, Hope, Imprisonment, and the Constitution
  • Carol S. Steiker & Jordan M. Steiker, Graham Lets the Sun Shine In: The Supreme Court Opens a Window Between Two Formerly Walled-Off Approaches to Eighth Amendment Proportionality Challenges
  • John F. Stinneford, Evolving Away from Evolving Standards of Decency

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Thank you for this link

Posted by: beth | Oct 15, 2010 8:15:30 PM

I will bet only ten cents because it is like stealing. No mention of the V word by the biased, pro-criminal academics. The criminal law is to protect the public from the predator clients of this profession.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Oct 15, 2010 10:10:56 PM

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