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April 14, 2011

"Denmark, Britain Seek to Halt Use of Drugs on U.S. Death-Row Prisoners"

The title of this post is the headline of this new Wall Street Journal article providing the latest news on the on-going saga surrounding drugs being used by states for lethal injections.  Here is how the piece starts:

Heightening tension over U.S. use of certain drugs in capital-punishment executions, Denmark said it would ask U.S. states not to use a sedative made in Denmark for the killings, while Britain said it was banning companies from exporting three additional drugs to the U.S. for use in capital punishment.

All of the drugs were designed to treat legitimate medical conditions, but are used at lethal doses by many states to kill death-row prisoners.  The lethal injections have come under growing scrutiny in recent months, as human-rights campaigners, foreign governments and lawyers for death-row inmates have criticized their use — and the often opaque supply chain that delivers them to U.S. prison systems.

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Get a high school chemistry teacher adviser. Start making the substances in a prison workshop, in accordance with established 19th Century methods. Sell it for substantial money to other states.

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