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July 30, 2011

Lansing medical marijuana shop giving away pot to folks who register to vote

Especially because it has been a bit too serious on this blog lately, I want to challenge commentors to come up with comical (or semi-serious) responses to this local story from Michigan, which carries the headline "Register to vote, get free pot."  Here is the basic story:

Lansing, Michigan residents who register to vote could get free pot.  One medical marijuana shop in Lansing is using that incentive to entice its clients. The clinic claims it's just doing its civic duty, but is it going too far?

"It wasn't ever to lure patients or try to buy their votes -- no, not at all," says Shekina Pena, the owner of "Your Healthy Choice Clinic."  For the past month and a half she and other dispensaries in the area have been running a voter registration campaign.

She says she's been educating patients and caregivers on the medical marijuana ordinance and who on city council supports it.   "We let them know how we feel, we don't tell them who to vote for," says Pena. "We definitely want to support the ones who are supporting us."  On the Site, the clinic offers half a gram or a free medible, which is one of their food products, as a thank you for registering.

Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope says the clinic is treading on a very fine line because the giveaway seems to be too closely tied to which candidates the clinic supports.... "There are very clear prohibitions in the law about giving someone any type of consideration for voting or voting a certain way or you can't give someone an enticement for not voting," says Swope.

Swope says if the clinic gave people pot and explicitly told them who to vote for or who not to vote for then, without question, they'd be breaking the law, but Pena says that's not what the clinic is doing.  "We really got to fight to get the voters out there because the polls are showing there's 4-5,000 people in Lansing that are patients or caregivers so we need those 4-5,000 people to come forth to the polls and vote for whomever they feel is in support of what they want for access," she says....

Swope says this is not a clear cut issue, which his office will continue to investigate. State Senator Rick Jones says he believes the clinic is using marijuana to influence voting and has contacted the attorney general's office to look into the issue.

So, to get the jokes started, I will say that this "get out the vote" campaign might end up especially successful if the dispensaries follow-up by offering free munchies at the polls on election day.  (I know that's pretty lame, so do better in the comments, dear readers.)

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Toke the Vote!!!

Posted by: Michael | Jul 31, 2011 12:26:47 AM

One toke over the line forms here, vote early vote often!!!!!!!!

Posted by: anon | Jul 31, 2011 10:52:22 AM

This could be brilliant! I've never tried before, but maybe the American political system would make much more sense if one was under the influence of Marijuana.

Without extending too far into political rhetoric, I will say that I have no idea which side, left or right, would make better sense to a 'high' minded constituency. Maybe the Green Party would get its five percent on "name recognition" alone?

Posted by: Eric Matthews | Aug 1, 2011 10:38:10 AM

Prof, it looks like many of the followers of this blog have absolutely ZERO sense of humor LOL. Would expect that from the current and former prosecutors but everyone????????

Posted by: anon | Aug 1, 2011 9:47:08 PM

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