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July 27, 2011

More evidence that the US is losing war on pot

I am a believer in the seemingly simple notion that when something is not working, it should be stopped. Thus, articles like this one in the Houston Chronicle make me think we ought to stop out pot prohibition policies.  The piece is headlined "Mexico's cartels rely on their cash crop; Ease of production, high demand make pot a sure bet for gangs," and here is how it begins:

But for its problematic pedigree, Mexico's marijuana might be hailed as a marketing miracle.

The much-maligned weed has suffered decades of punishment — burned, poisoned, ripped from the earth by its roots. Customers have been jailed, suppliers battered by literally cutthroat competition. Better products from Colombia, California and countless suburban back-rooms have somewhat eroded its popularity. Governments refuse to make it honest.

Yet, this pot has persevered. Production grows, quality improves and exports northward hum along. Despite decades of U.S. officials' efforts against it, Mexican marijuana remains widely available, frequently used and commonly disregarded as a danger. "

They are never going to stop it," said Dan Webb, a recently retired anti-narcotics lieutenant with the Texas Department of Public Safety, who now teaches drug enforcement at Sam Houston State University. "It is just like Prohibition," Webb said, comparing Mexico's cannabis trade to the boom in liquor smuggling after the U.S. government outlawed alcohol sales decades ago. "As long as there is a demand, somebody is going to come up with a supply."

Then again, there's that dark legacy. Marijuana sales to American consumers largely finance the gangster warfare that's killed upwards of 40,000 Mexicans in less than five years.

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And somewhat related, how about more evidence that current sex offender registries are a failure:

Read the entire article. absolutely ridiculous the stuff this guy's gone through and continues to go through.

Posted by: Albi | Jul 27, 2011 12:17:01 PM

yea i saw that one. very good article. Lays out the CRIMINAL STUPIDITY of the american system of sex crime liglation for the world to see!

Posted by: rodsmith | Jul 27, 2011 11:55:54 PM

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