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August 21, 2011

Might California follow Texas and abolish all forms of juve LWOP?

As detailed in this recent CNN piece, this coming week the California legislature is to consider again a bill to eliminate life without parole for any and all juvenile offenders.  Here are the basics:

A controversial bill headed for a vote in California has stirred up conversation again about whether life sentences for juveniles need to be re-examined. Under the state bill, which received a key vote [last] Wednesday to allow it to head to the Assembly floor for a vote, some juvenile offenders would get the opportunity for release.

At the heart of the bill is a question that's been pondered by legal scholars, law enforcement and even the Supreme Court: Should juveniles who have committed crimes that led to a life prison sentence be given a second chance?

The bill, introduced by Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, would allow juveniles to ask a court to re-examine their sentences after they have served 15 years for their crime.  Yee, who is also a child psychologist, argues that at certain ages, kids don't have the full capacity to understand their crimes, and locking juveniles up without giving them a chance to show they have gained that capacity isn't the right answer.

This weekend brings editorials from some California papers vocally endorsing this bill to eliminate juve LWOP in the Golden State:

But this op-ed commetary from the Sacramento Bee has a different take, as evidenced by its headline: "Bill that would allow resentencing in heinous juvenile crimes is flawed."

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The real age of adulthood is 14. The dumbass lawyer does not understand. Nothing happens at 18 that does not happen at 68. The age of 14 marked adulthood for the past 10,000 years of human history. As usual, fictional concepts determine the law as run by the dumbass lawyer. Any immaturity of 18 year olds comes from their being sheltered from any responsibility during that babysitting service, high school. Its sole purpose is to serve the left wing aim of reducing the labor force to artificially inflate wages.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 21, 2011 2:09:57 PM

If a juvenile murderer is released by the criminal lover judges of California, the family of the murder victim has full moral, intellectual, and policy justification to kill the murderer, and to beat the ass of the releasing judge. Break his knees with a metal pipe. To deter.

And as to Yee, a child psychologist? Worse than the lawyer. I once proposed to psychologist friends that they take over the criminal law, since they are the expert in personality development, the technical aspects of punishment, predicting behavior, etc. It was absolutely unanimous. All thought that psychologists would be even softer on crime than lawyers and would be catastrophic for crime victims. So Yee? His view is worthless.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Aug 21, 2011 2:22:04 PM

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