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September 16, 2012

Deep thoughts on deep punishment theory via SSRN

One of many reasons I like finding time to read papers on punishment theory is to see if and how new deep thoughts can be presented on a deep subject that has been debated since the start of recorded history.  And, thanks to SSRN, here are two more new entries with deep thoughts on deep punishment theory:

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There is no depth necessary, even a child understands. Kindergarten students accurately shun future busy criminals with a high degree of accuracy, when followed up 20 years later. Only the lawyer intentionally refuses to understand. Why? Why does the lawyer protect the violent repeat offender? Because the violent repeat offender generates massive government make work jobs, especially for lawyers.

Is safety the role of government or is it the settling of accounts? The taxpayer does not really care about retribution, justice, just deserts. The taxpayer wants to move about, doing what he wants without fear of crime. The balance of fear has been set clearly in favor of the criminal by the lawyer internal traitor. The criminal has nothing to fear from government. The ordinary citizen cannot enter vast areas of town, and lives in fear of victimization all the time.

The path to crime free nation is incapacitation. Nor does incapacitation require any prediction of future behavior. It requires a backward count of violent crimes, say counting to 3, and then getting rid of the person. If the value of life is $6 million, anyone causing that much damage by criminal activity has murdered an economic person. That should be the line, where non-murderers get executed, $6 million in damage from their crimes.

I would like to see direct action groups of crime victims and families bring the terror directly to the lawyer traitor. Fifty lashes to all pro-criminal legislators, judges, and lawyers.

Posted by: Supremacy Claus | Sep 16, 2012 7:17:37 PM

SC: Why does the lawyer protect the violent repeat offender?…$ $ $
Money of course, but also:

1.) He ever liveth to make excuses for human evil despite the consequences, e.g. the "Twinkie" and "Ambien" defences for murder, yet not only for violent crimes, but for others as well, due to a humanistic philosophy.

In "The New Jim Crow", referenced favourably on this site, author {{& former? ACLU attorney}} Michelle Alexander decries "the eviction of drug offenders and their families from public housing, and the drug sweeps of Ghetto neighborhoods" (p.208).

2.) Those such as Alexander take umbrage with punishments which weigh heavily on any of their favoured classes or "races", concluding:
"[T]he racial violence once associated with brutal slave masters or the Ku Klux Klan has been replaced, to some extent, by violence perpetrated by the state." (p.202).

This due to their bias (reverse racism).

Posted by: Adamakis | Sep 17, 2012 2:14:05 PM

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