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December 26, 2016

The latest data from BJS on parole and probation populations throughout the United States

Not long ago, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released this report, titled "Probation and Parole in the United States, 2015," providing the latest official data on offenders under community supervision throughout the nation. Here are some data highlights from the report:

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When an inmate serves the time a jury pronounces on him, there should be no probation unless that inmate gets early release (probation until end of sentence). In Montague County, TX: There is an ex-DA (now Judge) that told a room full of constituents that he always asks for 10 years probation so that he can yank them back into the system. How does an innocent inmate ever able to have a normal life again?

P.S. The former "Judge" referred to himself as God.

Posted by: LC in Texas | Dec 27, 2016 3:44:48 PM

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