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June 19, 2017

History examining at length "America’s War on Drugs"

The-history-channel-History is in the midst of running a four-part documentary titled simply "America’s War on Drugs."  Here is how the channel describes the lengthy doc:

“America’s War on Drugs” is an immersive trip through the last five decades, uncovering how the CIA, obsessed with keeping America safe in the fight against communism, allied itself with the mafia and foreign drug traffickers.  In exchange for support against foreign enemies, the groups were allowed to grow their drug trade in the United States. The series explores the unintended consequences of when gangsters, war lords, spies, outlaw entrepreneurs, street gangs and politicians vie for power and control of the global black market for narcotics -- all told through the firsthand accounts of former CIA and DEA officers, major drug traffickers, gang members, noted experts and insiders.

Night one of “America’s War on Drugs” divulges covert Cold War operations that empowered a generation of drug traffickers and reveals the peculiar details of secret CIA LSD experiments which helped fuel the counter-culture movement, leading to President Nixon’s crackdown and declaration of a war on drugs.  The documentary series then delves into the rise of the cocaine cowboys, a secret island “cocaine base,” the CIA’s connection to the crack epidemic, the history of the cartels and their murderous tactics, the era of “Just Say No,” the negative effect of NAFTA, and the unlikely career of an almost famous Midwest meth queen.

The final chapter of the series examines how the attacks on September 11th intertwined the War on Drugs and the War on Terror, transforming Afghanistan into a narco-state teeming with corruption.  It also explores how American intervention in Mexico helped give rise to El Chapo and the Super Cartels, bringing unprecedented levels of violence and sending even more drugs across America’s borders.  Five decades into the War on Drugs, a move to legalize marijuana gains momentum, mega-corporations have become richer and more powerful than any nation’s drug cartel, and continuing to rise is the demand for heroin and other illegal drugs.

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Many truths... Imbedded in an over-all LIE. Typical media diversion tactic, shifting the blame to "a few bad Apple's", and further forming a smokescreen to protect the true perpetrators. The CIA was,(and is), an obvious player, it's laughable to think they were naive and altruistic. They weren't duped, nor unaware in any way as to the chaous they were creating. To say it was an accident caused by their honorable attempts to protect US from communism is bullshit. The true villain? GREED. The story barely touches on the actual movers and shakers... The CIA's masters. BIG BANKS, and their zionist owners. Laundering the MONEY, which is the true purpose of it all. Anything for profit... It's a disgrace.Everyone involved who is still alive should be punished immediately... Let them draw their last breaths in a cage, where they belong, like the filthy animals they are. The entire show 's purpose is to excuse the inexcusable , and to shift culpability away from the zionist assholes who profited from drugs from the onset, as we'll as now. I'm certain that the big pharma MONEY lines the same coffers. Then to try and further hide the TRUTH about 911, (yeah, the SAME assholes perpetrated that, see 9/11 israel did it), is despicable. The show tells the truth here and there... But it's mostly a LIE. "Oops! Did we do that? Sorry, it was unintended" What a hoot!

Posted by: Ralph Loy | Jun 20, 2017 8:42:41 AM

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